How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend?


Since a long time you are feeling that your relationship is not going so well. It never felt same before and you know it that it could be the thing you are worried about. You are having doubts that your boyfriend is cheating on you but you do not know how to catch a cheating boyfriend. you know it within your heart that your gut feelings are true but you want it to be wrong. You even tried to make it up by talking to your partner about it but he always escapes the topic. Without any proof, you can not blame him as he might bounce back on you and you might end up feeling guilty. In these matters speaking anything without proof is idiotic and you will look like a stupid in the end. Well, it would be really hard to break off with him but to be sure you will have to find out the truth.

You need not hire any private detective or to make your boyfriend pass via any lie detector to detect that your boyfriend is cheating on you. There are other several ways to catch a cheating boyfriend red handed. We have arranged tips and strategies which will help you to work like Sherlock to get on board to catch a cheating boyfriend.

How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

1.) Give a Surprise Visit

To catch a cheating boyfriend give him a surprise visit. If he is not cheating on you, he will love you for it but if he is then you might catch him red handed. Tell him you will be late from office or you will spend your night with your girlfriends but arrive in between. do not arrive in the duration of around one or two hours as he might be checking your arrival to be safe. This surprise visit will tell you if he is cheating on you or not. When cheating he will be annoyed at your arrival and will give lame excuses that he to watch football or he wanted to utilize his space. He might also go out at your arrival. You can follow him to get a clear picture of the topic.

2.) Check Online Activities

When your boyfriend will be cheating on you. His online activities will change, as he cannot be on the phone always thus, he might be using some chatting apps to chat with the other girl. Do you find any change in his online behaviour? If yes, then it could be the case he is cheating on you. But do not be sure just on this information, judge him thoroughly. If his online behaviour change is for a short duration then you don’t have to worry about it. Therefore, you have to check it regularly to be sure. Check is there any particular time when he comes online daily to catch a cheating boyfriend.

3.) Check Phone

Check his phone to know more on this topic. Check his call history and message details. Also, check his applications which he uses to chat. Check if there is any new chatting or dating app is present on his phone or not? Checking his phone can be a dangerous job as you might get caught checking it and he will create a big fuss about it. And if he is innocent then you will end up feeling guilty. You can ask him to give you his phone by pretending that your phone is not working. If he simply gives you then it is okay but if he takes time to give you his phone then probably he might be deleting some evidences.

4.) Change in His Schedule

Do you notice any change in his schedule? His sleeping timings may change and he might have started to come late daily if he is cheating on you. His business tours or assignment works must have also been increased. Most if the time he will try to stay out of the house. He might say that his friends made plans and he could not deny it. Thus, notice his change in schedule to catch a cheating boyfriend.

5.) Fake Profile Act

You can do this to catch a cheating boyfriend. This will give you strong proofs and will make the whole picture clear. Create any fake profile picture and send him a friend request. Do not forget to put a hot girl’s picture as your profile photo. If he is cheating on you he will not care in cheating someone else too. Chat with him and ask him out or to hook up with you. If he agrees there he is, the culprit caught red handed. This time you have full evidence to interrogate him.

6.) Check His GPS

Check the GPS installed in his car to check where he goes and how often he goes there. You can even check his GPS search history list on his phone to keep an eye on him and to check which places he goes and does not inform to you. When in a relationship couple usually confront each others about the places they go and people they meet. GPS will also tell you if he goes to any particular place on the daily basis. You can ask him about that place and his reaction will tell you if he is cheating or not.

7.) Change Your Sleeping Pattern

If he is chatting on you with someone then he must be talking to that girl when you are not around or when you are asleep. If you want to catch a cheating boyfriend then pretend to sleep but stay awake. He might not take the action soon as he would want to be sure till you really get asleep. Thus, you will have to wait for a while longer. If might go to another room to talk to her or might text her from the same room. This will help you to catch him red handed. If he will talk then it will be better as you can eavesdrop their chat and will get a strong point.

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