How to Get a girl to Like You When She Like Someone Else?



Getting a person to like you if she has already someone in her life is indeed a tough job.  When a person is single it is easy to get into their life or to impress them but when a person is already committed it requires double efforts and a great passion to make her like you. First of all, be sure that you really want her in your life or are you drop dead serious to make her yours if yes then fasten up your belt and get ready to get a girl to like you when she like someone else. It is not easy to defeat someone who has already won the chance but still you can try your best who knows you may succeed and win her over him.

Well, in many cases people have also won to get a committed girl but for that, you need to have a lot of patience. Her being with someone puts you in a competition in which you are already lacking behind. To get a girl to like you when she like someone else, you will have to go through a hardship. Let us guide you through every step to reach your goal.

How to get a girl to like you when she like someone else

Steps to Follow to Get a Girl to Like You When She Like Someone Else

1.) Be Her Friend to Get a Girl to Like You When She Like Someone Else

This is the first obvious step. She is with someone else so, even if you are hitting on her you will be denied and she might also get instructions from her boyfriend to stay away from you. Thus, it will be stupidity if you will still try this. Try to be her friend instead, no one always stays with their partner they have their ‘friends time’ as well. Being her friend you will able to know more about her and also can stay with her whenever she will be needing someone to discuss her fights with her Boyfriend. Try to help her randomly or comfort her when she looks sad. This way you will be able to become her friend easily.

2.) Know About Her to Get a Girl to Like You When She Like Someone Else

Once you become friends try to know about her more. Know what makes her happy what makes her sad. What is her favorite dress or what is her life’s story. Everything which you can know about her. Be keen observant around her. Remember every single detail and observe her very keenly. Try to dig up more. Ask her questions now and then indirectly to know about her. When you remember small details about her then she will also notice that such a great person you are and a great friend too.

3.) Help Her to Get Her Like You

Never get back when she needs help. Help her whenever she needs someone. If her boyfriend is busy then it is the best opportunity for you. Text her saying that she must be bored and you want to take her to some amazing place. Ask her did she eat and she does not feel like eating? Grab her favorite food and reach her house to eat with her. This little gestures will make her feel that how much you care about her and she will start having a special place for you in her heart. Help her whenever you can and also, care fo her. Care for her like she is a very special person to you this will fill a lot of love in her heart for you.

4.) Respect a Girl to Like You When She Like Someone Else

A girl always wants respect and want to have gender equality. Respect her decisions, show her that she is a great woman and she deserves to be respected like every other person. This is very good way to show her that how great she is for you. Every guy should be taught to respect women. When you can not respect a person you can not love her. Do not act cheap around her and respect her tasks whatever she does in her life. A woman loves a man who respects her.

5.) Show Your Emotional Side to Make Her Like You

This is a very cute trick to make her fall in love with you. Show her your emotional side. For instance, show her that you are not a macho man. You too have a very generous and beautiful heart. You love to call your mother daily and your siblings are your weakness. Show her that you too cry when your friend gets hurt. A girl loves a genuine guy and a guy with a gentle heart too. Everyone has a gentle side or the warm side-show her yours and she will love you for that. You remember Ted Mosbey from how i met your mother? Yes, he had a gentle heart and all women love to have a person like him in her life.

6.) Believe to Get a Girl to Like You When She Likes Someone Else

Tell her she is an amazing person and you really are with her in very ups and downs. Encourage her to achieve her goals tell her that you believe in her. A woman likes someone who believes in her. Praise her for her works and her passion.

7.) Show Her Your These Sides to Make Her Fall for You

  • Gentleman one, show her your gentleman side. You do not need to fake it, be a true gentleman. Learn what a gentleman does and becomes a true gentleman in her eyes.
  • Your ambitious side, show her that you are an ambitious person and you have great to achieve. Every girl wants an ambitious person in her life. show her that your ambitions are very important you.
  • Show how loyal you are, by anyhow make her see that you are the most loyal person that she met. Tell her how much you love your friends and your family. If you had any ex tell her how much you still miss her this way she will think how loyal you are.
  • Animal friendly side, this is a very cute thing. Women like men who are good with animals. Make her meet your dog and tell her how much you love her.

Do not do cheap actions to get a girl to like you when she like someone else and do not ever show her your crazy side for her that how desperately you want her. Let her feel it how much you love her. Do not tell her ever that you are a way better than her contemporary boyfriend. She will definitely realize one day that how much you love her and she will come to you.

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