How to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You?


In this article, we will tell you how to get a guy to always want to talk to you. It happens with everyone, when you start liking someone then you want to keep talking to them all the time. Same thing is happening with you. You may want a guy to talk to you all the time. For this, you should charm him and try to know about his interests and likings. The more you know him, the more closer you two will get. Thus, both of you may have numerous topics to talk on and he may get to talk to you always like you wanted.

How to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

Best Ways to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You:

1) Be Playful and Funny to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You can adopt a playful attitude to make someone interested in you. You can tell something in a playful manner. It can be related to the environment around you or about some person or some situation. It is used to break the ice between you and him. He may get attracted to your playful nature and you may get something to build a connection with him. Guys seem to like witty and outgoing girls having a good sense of humour. Let the conversation to go on with him.

2) Be Confident to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You should be yourself and act confidently while being with him. He may appreciate it too. You are what you are. You should know about your qualities and flaunt those qualities to get people attracted to you. You can be wrong sometimes and can make mistakes. Just accept it and laugh at it. It is so natural to be errant sometimes. You don’t need to be nervous and change your attitude just to please him. Being you can be the best thing which everyone may love about you.

3) Be in His Line of Sight to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You should make sure that you are around him so that he gets to talk to you many at times in a day. You should be in his line of sight so that he can approach you easily. Walk past him whenever you get the chance and have a small conversation with him. Always wear a smile while talking to him and keep your voice soft and high-pitched to make an impression on him.

4) Share a Common Interest to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You two may share some common interests. It can be anything like watching movies, playing volleyball, singing songs, cooking, travelling, etc. You can talk a lot over your shared interests to grab his attention and make him talk to you. He may tell you about some upcoming movies or events. You two can plan for it together. In this way, he may get in touch with you almost every time. However, you should try to keep it natural or he may find it unrealistic to find you everywhere he goes.

5) Be Presentable to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You should try to look your best to make a fair impression on him. He may find you attractive and may like to have a conversation with you every now and then. You should focus on your grooming. The first thing he may notice about you is your outer personality. By keeping your hair nicely combed and your nails properly clipped you may attract him towards you. Maintain personal hygiene and keep washing and moisturising your face on a regular basis.

6) Dress Well to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You can dress according to the occasions to show him your sense of style. Guys like to be with stylish girls. However, you should not go overboard to make him attracted to you. Just making small changes in your wardrobe may help you upgrade your personality. You can wear dresses in place of jeans or you may try to accessorise yourself to get a vibrant look. He may notice these small things and may like to talk to you more often.

7) Show Your Interest in His Talks to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You may show him that you are very much interested in his talks. Show him that you are enjoying being in his company. He may feel delighted to observe this. Some of the positive responses to a conversation can be making eye contact, smiling often, bending forward occasionally, tilting your head and giving thoughtful expressions. You may text him to be in touch and appreciate his way of talking.

8) Appreciate Him to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You may appreciate him whenever you get the chance. He may help you with some of your things. You should thank him for that humbly. Don’t take anything for granted. Show your gratitude to make a good impression on him. He may like to be with you and talk to you more often. Guys like to be with compassionate and polite girls.

9) Follow Him on Social Media to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You may follow him on social media to build a little bonding with him. You may comment on his posts in a nice and funny way. You may grab his interest in your profile too by posting interesting things on your page. This can be a simple way to make him talk to you. He may get to know more about you through your social media profile.

10) Avoid Small Talks to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

You should avoid small talks to make him talk to you more often. If you get indulged in small talks only then you may not be able to make bonding with him. Thus, he may not have topics with him to have a conversation with you. You need to talk a lot with him and make him interested in you to make him talk you more and more.

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