How to Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better?


Everything seems sweet and perfect when the relationship is new. Slowly you get to know about each other and many at times get amazed to know few things about your partner. Also, you want to know everything about your partner so that you can keep him happy and satisfied with you. What is his favorite color or what is his favorite cuisine these are simple questions which every friend of his must have knowledge about it. When you want to get to know your boyfriend better than you only not have to know about his favorite color or shirt but how he is in person and what kind of human being is he you have to know it too. What are his perspective towards life and how does he think about many serious issues. Well, it is very hard to know everything about a person and also it is a slow process. You have to be patient to know your boyfriend well. Also, you need to follow few steps which will help you to know him better. We have put a lot of questions and strategies which will help you to know your boyfriend well.

How to Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better

To Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better do These Things

1.) Know His Friends to Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better

His friend circle will tell you way more about what kind of person is your friend. Like mind gets attracted, yes it is true. Does your boyfriend have high ambitious friends or fun loving friend or maybe he has very serious friend circle? Knowing his friends will tell you a lot about your boyfriend especially try to know a bit more about his best friend. You can also ask help from his best friend to help you know him more. You can ask him questions about your boyfriend, his likes, dislikes, and everything. Knowing someone is a slow process do not rush into it. Slowly you will get to know everything about him.

2.) Be an Observer to Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better

To know your boyfriend better you can observe him. How does he react to some serious stuff does he handles situations calmly or he gets angry? This will tell you what kind of person he is. If he handles the situation very calmly then, of course, he is a mature person than he seems. You will get abundant opportunity to observe him just keep an eye on his actions. Try to know what makes him angry and what makes him happy. You can ask this directly also, but by asking directly you might not get the correct answers observing will make you see his true characteristics to you.

3.) Ask Him Questions to Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better

Do not hesitate to ask. He is your boyfriend and you have rights to know about him. Asking questions will help you understand him more. To know him keep on asking random questions. Do not ask questions with a yes or no answer. With a yes or no answer you will not make a good conversation. You can ask him about his preferences or why does he like a particular thing? This way you will know him better. We have also few question samples for you which you can ask him to know him better, such as.

  • Ask about his Passions and Hobbies.
  • What does a Family mean to him?
  • What is the meaning of life for him?
  • How is important money or love in his life? Which one is his priority?
  • How he wants his future to be?
  • How much a loyalty important in a relationship according to him?
  • His life Goal.
  • His Ideal person( This will tell you who he wanna be like).

Well, you might or might not get the true answers but the way he will reply will definitely make you understand what kind of person he is. Also, these topics can form a conversation which will tell you more about him.

4.) Share Your Stories to Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better

When you will share your stories with your boyfriend at some point to carry on the conversation he will also keep his life stories in front of you. Slowly this will increase and will make him free to share his feelings and emotions with you. When a person is ready to share his inner self then you will know very well about him on your own. You can try this method when you think that it is the right time to share. He may try to avoid if the environment will not be light and easy to share. Try to do this trick in the night because that time according to psychology people feel to share more and generally are in the light mood.

5.) Ask His Opinion to Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better

To know him more ask his opinion about any particular topic. You can ask about his advice on life issues and see how he reacts and suggests you handle the situation. The way a boy handles the situation tells a lot about him. Ask him to know more about him, you might get amazed by his solutions many times and will wonder how you did not see his this much insightful part. You can try asking him advice on your life issues and can judge how much he understands everything. Also, men love to give advice on any topic and he will also feel himself an important part of your life when you will consult him for advice.

6.) Try Talk Romantic to Get to Know Your Boyfriend Better

You would definitely want to know how much romantic your boyfriend is? For that you can try talking romantically with him and try to see does he take the act further? This conversation will tell you a lot about his romantic self and how much romance will be in your love life. How many surprises you may get can also be concluded in this topic.

7.) Know His Hobbies and Ambition to Know Him Better

An ambition of a man will tell you very much about him. Ask him what are his dreams? Has he got any plans to achieve it? Also, talking about his hobbies and passion will tell you about his likes and things he is interested in. Talk randomly on this topic. You can start with saying “I hate cooking, do you like it?” There can be a lot of ways to start a conversation with a guy on these topics.

These all will help you to know your boyfriend better, but do not rush into it take it slow and bit by bit try to know him. Asking all questions at a time might scare him. Thus, be patience and you will get to know him very well.

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