How to Know if the Girl is the One For You?


You probably have dated a lot of girls in your life and was never serious about being in a serious relationship but now something has changed and you want to know if the girl is the one for you. Thoughts like staying with someone special forever is coming up in your mind. You have decided that now you are ready to spend your whole life with a person. Or maybe you found one girl whom you think to be the one and only woman of your life. You feel like you have found your soul mate but do not know your feelings are true or not? When you want to know that a girl who is in your life is just casual fling or she is the one who you should spend your life with then you will have to notice few things in her and few things in you to know how much she is special to you and are you ready to be with her forever? We have an array of things which will help you to find out whether she is your soul mate or not.

How to Know if the Girl is the One for You

To know if the Girl is the One For You Look for These Signs

1.) Make a List of Things Which Matters to You

When you think the girl you know is the one for you and you are ready to spend your whole life with her then first look at few things. Make a list of what do you want in your life. What qualities do you want in your dream girl? Should she be mature or childish? Whether she should love reading or she should like a particular movie which you like? Make a whole list of things which is very important for you and over look those points which are not that relevant or are childish. When you complete your whole list try to compare it with her how much points she has in her. When you feel like she has all the qualities which you want in your dream girl then she is the one. One more thing is possible that it doesn’t matter to you whatever is on the list. Your list doesn’t matter to you anymore but anyhow you want her in your life.

2.) Know if the Girl is the One for You by Checking How Happy You Are

Do you feel better when she is around you? Does it make your life easy when she is around you? When you will find the perfect girl for you then you feel great when she will be around. You will feel like burden less when she will be around and the world will seem a much easier place to live in. Everything will just fall into right place, even if you face troubled her smile would make you forget it all. If these things are happening with you when you are with her then it might be the case that she is the one for you. You also do things for her which you never liked before. Like you start cooking for her which you never did for any of your ex girlfriend.

3.) Know if the Girl is the One for You if You Become a Better Person

You try to be a better person for her. Not only financially but also as a person. When the girl who is really perfect for you is with you then you will feel like giving whole world’s happiness to her. You will actually start to see good in life and will try to improve yourself at every step. You will start acting mature and will try to make sense with your talks when you will be around her. You will stop doing immature acts and will try becoming a gentleman for her. You will  see a lot of good changes in you all because of her. If these things are happening with you then probably she is the one.

4.) She Doesn’t Care About Your Money

Most of the time girls make boyfriend to hang around and spend a lot of money from their pockets. You might have experienced this with your ex or it might have happened with some of your friends. When girls are not serious they just like to have fun and will love to get big money gifts. To know if the girl is the one for you keep an eye on how much demanding she is. If you meet a girl who doesn’t get swayed away by your money or never demanded anything with you maybe many times even rejected expensive gifts then she is the one.

5) Stand Ups By You Tells You She is the One

Doesn’t matter whether it is summer, winter or rainy season if you have umbrella or not she will be standing by your side. You know what i mean, it doesn’t matter to her she is always with you in your bad and good days. She tries to cheer you up in your bad days and motivates you. You have heard that behind every successful man there is a lady. If you feel she is the one behind your success then definitely she is the one and only one for you.

6.) She Handles You and Herself

When a girl is mature and understanding she will have much more strength and courage mentally to live in every situation and overcome every trauma. When a girl truly loves you then she will try to help you in every situation. A girl who can handle you at your best and at your worst is definitely the one for you. When you meet this kind of girl do not let her go.

7.) She Make You Realize Your Mistakes if She is the One

She is not the type who is afraid of you, she is brave and doesn’t care if it is you or someone else she is not afraid of bringing up your own mistake in front of  your eyes. Has she ever done that? Did she ever make you realize that how wrong you were doing something if yes then yes, she can be the one and only girl in your life.

8.) Look How Understanding She is to Know If a Girl is The One for You

She understands you more than anyone and it amazes you. She knows what mood are you in, what makes you angry what makes you feel sad. She knows how to cheer you up when you are broken inside. She know what is most important to you. If she does these things then you are the most lucky man alive in this world to get her do not ever let her go.

9.) She is as Crazy as You Are

Do you both share the craziness level? Check both of yours craziness level to know if the girl is the one for you. You both like to shout at the mountain hill or both wants to change this world and make this a better place to live? Whatever it may be if you think that she is as crazy as you and you have never seen anyone as perfect as her then, of course, that girl is the one for you.

10.) Life Seems Impossible Without Her

To know if the girl is the one for you, we have a trick. Whenever you imagine future you see it with her. You never imagined your life without her. Or if you haven’t had this feeling then try to imagine a great event of your life without her can you? If you can not do it then you can never get no one perfect then her. do not wait for anyone else if these all points reminded you her then definitely she is the one.

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