How to Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy?

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In this article, we will tell you how to know what a girl wants in a guy. Although, you can’t be sure of what a girl wants from you. But, there are certain traits of men which are mostly preferred by girls. You can acquire those traits to make yourself more eligible among girls. You may do it to impress her more and make her feel loved. You should try to understand them to know them well and know what their needs are. However, every girl has her own way of thinking and hence their preferences may differ. Well, we are giving you a basic idea of some most preferred qualities which girls seek in guys.

How to Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy

Things to Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy:

1) She Wants Protection from Her Guy

Girls like to feel protected. She expects from you to protect her in any bad circumstance. You should notice her behavior in order to know what a girl wants in a guy. She may play damsel in distress just to draw your attention. She wants you to save her from the odds of worldly things. You may have observed that your girl feels safer when she is with you. You have to keep her assured that you are always there for her. Make her safety your primary concern and she will love for this.

2) She Wants Honesty from Her Guy

She wants you to be honest. If you are putting yourself in front of her in your truest form then she will be more than happy. Girls don’t like to get cheated on. She may not forgive you for your trails of lies. Girls want you to share every detail of your life with her. It makes her feel important and wanted. You should not hide anything from her. However, if she isn’t look that great sometimes then you may still give her a nice complement. That much dishonesty is allowed.

3) She Wants a Guy Having Good Understanding

A girl wants a guy who can understand her in a better way. Girls don’t like to make guys understand their needs every time. She wants you to observe the situation and understand what could irritate her. You should listen to her and try to analyze her mental state. You should give importance to her views and should handle any situation the way she wants it to be handled. Understand her to know what a girl wants in a guy.

4) She Wants Compassion in Her Guy

A girl wants to see compassion in her guy. She wants him to be kind and helpful. You should help others and show gratitude towards other’s favor for you. These good qualities of one’s personality are highly impressive for girls. She wants you to be admired and respected for your good deeds. Inspect her smile after she praises you for your goodness to know what a girl wants in a guy.

5) She Wants Lots of Care from Her Guy

A girl may be diving on cloud nine if she gets a guy who is very much caring. Girls just love to be cared by their guys. She doesn’t feel like she is alone in this world if you take good care of her. You can help her easing out with her work. Share some of her responsibilities and help her relax more. She will love this attitude of yours. Enquire her about her expectations from you to know what a girl wants in a guy.

6) She Wants to Get Surprises from Her Guy

Girls want to be surprised by her guys. Even if it is a little surprise but it gets counted in the girl’s case. She may expect flowers and toys to be gifted to her. You may plan a surprise date for her in her favorite place. See the smile on her face when she get surprised to know what a girl wants in a guy.

7) She Wants Her Guy to See Her as the Most Beautiful Girl

A girl wants to be the princess of her guy. She wants you to treat her in the most special way. Girls want their life just like a fairy tale. You can do a little to make them feel special. You can praise her presence in your life. You can show her how much important she is for you. You can appreciate the way she dresses. Give her uncountable compliments and you will come to know what a girl wants in a guy.

8) She Wants Her Guy to Listen to Her

A girl wants a guy who can listen to her when she is speaking. You should be a good listener to impress her. If you tend to ignore her wordings and just try to put your viewpoint in a conversation then you may be sending her away. You should remember the exact wordings which she may use in a conversation and then remind her of it later. She will feel acknowledged and will appreciate you for this. Now, you may know what a girl wants in a guy.

9) She Wants Playfulness in Her Guy

A girl wants to get childish sometimes. She wants a guy who can bring out the child in her. You should be playful and funny. You may try to tease her often and make her laugh with your wit and sense of humor. Spoil them with your love and care. She may behave like a kid when she desperately needs something. Acknowledge it well to show your care for her. Play with her to know what a girl wants in a guy.

10) She Wants Her Guy to Be Romantic

A girl loves to romance with her guy. Show her how much you love her. You may hold her hands and cuddle her often. She may feel loved. You can cook for her sometimes. Girls like to see her guys in kitchen sometimes. It may seem to her as a romantic gesture and you will earn good brownie points for it. Be a true lover to know what a girl wants in a guy.

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