How to Make Friends in College?


In this article, we will tell you how to make friends in college. This is an important phase of your life and you may be wondering how to start it. Actually, everyone goes through it and faces difficulty in making friends in college. But, you should try do get into some or the other group whichever seems appropriate to you. You may look for like-minded people and try to interact with them. You should not hesitate to take the initiative. Be original while introducing yourself with others. You may come to know different people during this process and may dislike few of them. There are several tips available which can help you make good friends in college.

How to Make Friends in College

Ways to Make Friends in College:

1) Be Accessible to Make Friends in College

You should be accessible to other students to make friends in college. You should interact with other students who may sit around you. You may have your lunch with other students. If anyone asks you to go out with them, just go. They may become your friends for a lifetime. You just have to keep yourself near to them. Grab the opportunity and make a new friend every day. If you are shy then you may have to open up a little to allow other students to come closer to you.

2) Be Yourself to Make Friends in College

You should not try to be somebody else to impress others. Don’t try to please people even if you are getting hurt in the process. Be yourself and show your genuine nature to others. Those people who have similar interests and personality like you may get to know you. You can flaunt your personality to grab their attention. It is always better to get acquainted with like-minded people. They may be looking out for you so just mix up with them.

3) Join a Club to Make Friends in College

You may try joining a club or sports team to get along with people who share common interests with you. It is a great idea to make new friends in the beginning of your college days. You can talk about latest updates and the facilities you are going to get there. You may point out certain issues which seem problematic to you. Altogether, if you are actively participating in something then it will definitely help you attract new friends.

4) Get a Job to Make Friends in College

You can make yourself available for a part-time job in the college campus itself. It may aid you financially as well as socially. You will come to meet different students every other day. You may befriend some of your co-workers. You can try working in a bookstore, dormitory lobby desks, convenience shops, etc. You just have to start interacting with students and you may find some of the amazing souls to get mingle with.

5) Ask Questions to Make Friends in College

You should be ready with your questionnaire to get to know other students who are meeting first time with you. You may ask them general questions like “where are you from?”, “which subject have you opted for?”, “which classes are you attending?”, etc. In this way, you can collect necessary information about them and you can find common grounds to talk on with them. These questions may seem unattractive but can be used as a tool to start a conversation.

6) Attend Social Activities to Make Friends in College

You should always attend social activities to get acquainted with interesting people. It is better if you participate in few of them. People may get to know you and you may receive accolades for your good work. Some of the gatherings are organized on purpose to help freshmen come close to each other. You can cheer for some group or team. In this way, you will be noticed among the crowd and may attract a few friends who are just like you.

7) Do Your Homework Out in the Open to Make Friends in College

You can do your homework somewhere outside from your room. It can be a coffee shop or college cafeteria. You may do it in the college library. You may meet new people if you come out of your room. It can help you make new friends. You may meet up some other students doing the same thing just like you. Befriend them and say goodbye to your loneliness.

8) Have an Open Body Language to Make Friends in College

You should adopt an open body language. Don’t look conserved or timid. Wear a smile on your face and look friendly. Keep your posture firm and confident. You may do little favours to others and help them in their homework. These acts of kindness may bring fruitful results to you in the form of good friends. You may put yourself into an ongoing conversation by adding the little humour to the topic. You just have to be ready for friendship and you may make some of the finest friends for life in your college.

9) Befriend a More Social Person to Make Friends in College

This is a very simple trick to make numerous friends in college. You may befriend a person who is much more social than you. That person will be having a large group of friends and hence you will come in contact with a large group. You may look for the person from that group who is similar to you or you may befriend almost each of them. It is a blessing in disguise to have such friends who are very good in socializing and are ready to do exciting things.

10) Volunteer to Make Friends in College

You can get involved in an activity voluntarily. It may be for a social cause or for some events that held out in the college campus. You will definitely meet up some good people there and you can make friends with them. Moreover, you may improve your social skills in the process. It is a great way to look for friends in your college days.

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