How to Talk to Girls?


Talking to a girl is very easy but for those who fear of starting up a conversation it can be the most tedious job to do. Many boys start to have panic attacks when they are asked to initiate a conversation with any hot girl. Talking to girls is hard for you because you get preconceptions that she is gonna insult or reject you. Dude!! She is not gonna eat you up. First of all, you need to do is summon all your guts and go talk to her. Even if you get rejected, you will gain the confidence to talk to girls. There are various ways by which you can talk to a girl without being hesitant. Read further on this article to know how to talk to girls?

How to Talk to Girls

Ways to Talk to Girls

1.) Understand How Women Mind Works

When a girl is hot she probably has a lot of fan following. she can easily get a rich boyfriend and all the time she finds guys hitting on her. She is aware that she is beautiful and she is bored with having the same kind of guys around who keeps on chanting the same thing like a parrot. By knowing how does she thinks you will be able to work according to it or start your talk as per it is suitable. A girl can be hot, cute, introvert or shy try to know what type of girl is she.

2.) Ask for Help to Talk to Girls

Once you get to know what kind of girl she is then initiating a conversation will be in your favour as you will have the upper hand. Asking for help trick will work under all circumstances. Everybody likes to help others and feel proud when someone else asks for help. Even if you are meeting for the first time you can ask her that “how do I looking as I have to go for the interview” or name a place according to your dress up. If you want to talk to a stranger on the street then you can ask about any particular place she will definitely help you out and you will get the confidence to start a conversation.

3.) Compliment Her

Irrespective of the gender everyone loves to be complimented. And they like it when anyone notice their efforts. When it comes to girls they love getting compliments. Compliment a girl to start a conversation with her. Say that her dress is beautiful or it really suits her or you are liking the hair style she is having. There can be various ways to compliment a girl you can start with any of them. This trick will not go wrong plus it will help you to start the conversation fluently. Complimenting a girl about her smile is the sweetest thing she will definitely buy it.

4.) Involve Her In a Bet

This is the funny and enjoyable trick which you can do with any girl. You see a girl standing at the bar all alone and want to talk to her desperately but do not know how to do so? Then this trick is for you. Go and say to her that I bet you are from other state or anything which will help her to reciprocate, this way you will initiate the conversation without any hesitation. She will also like to talk about herself and you may end up enjoying your time together.

5.) Be Humorous to Talk to Girls

It is never very hard for a humorous person to join any conversation. A humorous person can make the situation very light and can also be a party stealer. Share a joke with her and ask her opinion about it. Try to say some good quality jokes decent one and look at her reaction. If she laughs then she is definitely gonna like to keep up the conversation. Crack a joke but it should not be vulgar or indecent. Try to make the situation light in your conversation and keep on cracking the joke in between to make her laugh.

6.) Be Flirtatious to Talk to Girls

It is easy for you to talk to girls if you a flirty person. Go on flirt around a bit, nobody hates a healthy flirting. Go and be bold, flirt a bit and charm her with your flirting skills. No matter how much a girl disagree flirting she always enjoys it. she will definitely like your attitude and confidence. Well, being flirty is not everyone’s cup of tea so do it when you are confident that you are good at it and you can impress a girl to talk further with your this skill.

7.) Maintain a Good Posture to Talk to Girls

Girls like it when a guy walks with confidence. A person filled with confidence has a different walking style than others. Maintain a good posture while not only walking but also while talking or standing. Do not stand with loose shoulders. Keep your stature tall and erect. A good posture also will make you look smart and handsome and who knows girl might start talking to you on her own.

8.) Give Good Gestures to Talk to Girl

For talking to a girl your gestures should also be good. Try to make eye contact with the girl whom you want to talk to. If by chance you succeed in maintaining eye contact the smile. Give a slight smile and you can also raise a glass at her if you guys are at the bar. Keep your gestures calm and behave like a gentle person this will have a positive impact of you in front of that girl. Also, maintain a smiling face. Smiling face appears friendly and easily approachable and also easy to talk with. When a girl sees a smiling face she will immediately have a positive impact on you in her mind.

Following points mentioned above will definitely help you to talk to any girl you want to talk to. You can try talking or smiling at random strangers it will help to build your confidence and you will be able to talk to girls easily.

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