How to Tell if He Really Loves You?


Love is an act which cannot be kept hidden for a longer period of time. If someone loves you no matter how hard they try to hide it, their actions will speak up what is in their hearts. Words deceive but actions convey what cannot be said. To tell if he really loves you try to observe his actions and you will easily get to know what is in his mind. Know how to read a bit of body language and gestures of a person when he is in love. Follow up this article to know more on if he really loves you?

How to Tell if He Really Loves You

Signs to Tell if He Really Loves You

1.) He Respects

Respecting everyone shows that a guy is a polite person. But if a guy does not just only listen politely to what you say but sincerely consider your opinion then you can be sure to tell he really loves you. When a guy will love you then it will be his priority to make you feel special and he can do it by respecting you. When he will love you he will respect your beliefs, ambitions, and thoughts. Rather than making fun of your sentiments he will try to understand them. When you start getting values about your opinions and he even start considering your complaints seriously then you can assuredly say that he really loves you.

2.) Give You Priority

To tell if he really loves you check how much important you are for him. Everyone is busy in this world but everyone has enough time for the thing which they love. When a guy will really love you he will make you his priority. If he really is very busy, he will make sure to let you know about it. You will see in his efforts that he is really busy and will get back to you soon after finishing work. He himself will want to spend time with you and will make you feel that you are very important in his life.

3.) You are His Future’s Part

When a man loves you they try to immerse you in their life. If he loves you he will definitely include you in his every important part of his life. While mentioning future he will include you in your future. He will plan his future with you. When you both will be together then he will try to talk about future sometimes including you in it. You will know that you are in his every future event and an enduring part of his life.

4.) Your Happiness Matters to Him

You smile can make his day and turn his bad day into a good one. All is wish is to see you ever smiling and your smile is his strength. If you can relate these to your life then you really are a lucky girl and have someone to love you insanely. In love people often behave according to their partner’s mood. When you get sad or upset then he will also not feel happy and try to make you smile. Your mood affects your guy a lot when he truly loves you. Your happiness matters to him the most and he would do anything to keep the smile on your face. Your happiness is as important to him as his own. Your sadness can put him down too. These signs are a great help to tell if he really loves you or not.

5.) His Compromises will Tell if He Really Loves You

Compromising can be a big deal when that person has no value in your life. These days people do not generally compromise for anyone. But in love small or big compromise does not matter much. If a guy loves you he will not feel bad about compromising for you. For instance, if you both want to buy a dress but due to a shortage of money he says he will buy it next time so that you can buy it. This is compromising and it makes him happy to see you happy.

6.) Introduces You Proudly

If your guy will love you he will never be embarrassed to show you off in front of the world. In fact, he will proudly hold your hand while visiting his friends and family. If he loves you he will cherish you as a precious thing and will never hesitate to bring you out in front of anyone. Love is not based on looks or physical appearance but how you inside are. You can tell that your guy truly love you if you see these traits in him.

7.) Check If He Cares to Tell if He Really Loves You

We care for those whom we love. When a guy truly loves you then he will care for you very much. He will keep on checking on you in a while to know whether you are safe or not. He might ask you about your whereabouts to know that you are safe. When you are not feeling well he will be side by there holding your hand and pampering you. You will feel like you are the special person in his life and you mean a lot to him.

8.) Let You Take Decision

One more strong sign to tell if he really loves you is to check how much your decisions value to him. When a guy will truly love you he will consider your opinions and ask for your decisions too. He will trust you enough to let you take decisions. If your guy does this then it means he is truly in love with you.

9.) Make You Strong

If a guy loves you truly he will want you to stand as a strong person. You will not be a competition to him but his partner. It is well said that instead of falling in love, rise in love. You will feel yourself a strong person when you will be with him. He will support in every good decision of your life. When there will be love he will help you to get stronger than before. He will be your strength, not weakness.

10.) Stays with You

He will stay with you no matter what. When a guy loves you he feels it is his responsibility to give you a better life. Even in your darkest days, you will feel that he is the one who is always with you. He will be with you throughout good and bad and will give you hopes and strength. These signs will help you to tell if he really loves you or just faking it.

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