How to Tell When a Girl is Interested in You?


So finally you find a girl and you have your heart set on a girl, but you are not sure if she feels the same way. For most guys, girls are very confusing creatures and figuring out if a girl is interested seems impossible. Every girl is different and shows their feelings in individual ways. There are some signs that indicate that a girl has a romantic interest in you. Pay attention to her words, her personality and her behavior and figure it out. Read this article and follow some steps to tell when a girl is interested in you.

How to Tell When a Girl is Interested in You

Best Tips to Tell When a Girl is Interested in You:

1.) Spend Time with Her

Every girl is unique and it is important to know her better and give her the chance to get to know you. Before assuming anything about her, spend some time with her. Find a shared activity like a hobby, sport, club or even just chatting during lunch so that you get to know her personally. The more time you spend with her, the more you will get to know her personally. By knowing how she expresses herself is the easier way to tell when a girl is interested in you.

2.) Look for Changes When She is Around You

Subtle changes in her personality indicate interest in you. It is important to know her personality by watching how she interacts with others. A girl who is interested in you maybe bubblier when you are around her. Notice how she reacts with her friends when you are around her.  If she laughs at everyone’s jokes the same or touches everyone when they talk then these signs shows that she is interested in you.

3.) Notice Her Friends

Noticing her friends is the best way to tell when a girl is interested. Go up to her when her friends are around her. If they leave the two of you alone together, then it means she has told them she likes you.

  • Notice her friends when you walk by, they start giggling or whisper to each other or tease you by her name then this is another sign she is into you.

4.) Notice If She Pays Attention to You

When you talk to her, she may keep checking her phone, look around for someone else to talk to or she may be looking for an excuse to leave. These are the signs that she is not into you.

  • If she leans in or laughs a lot, then the chances are she is doing this because she likes being around you.
  • She may send mixed signals because she is not sure how to convey her feelings.
  • If she is always there for you whenever you need help then she really likes you.

5.) Start a Conversation with Her

Even she is shy, try to ask her out about her own interests. If she is comfortable talking about herself and sharing her interests or points of view with you then it indicates that she is keen on you.

  • Many girls feel pressure to tell their opinions to impress guys, so she may hesitate to express herself if you try to talk about things she is passionate about. Start with casual topics like shared hobbies, clubs, classes at school or friends you have in common but don’t talk about serious topics like religion or politics.
  • Make her feel comfortable so that she can share her opinions.

6.) Notice If She Compliments You a Lot

Sincere compliments indicate that she likes you as a person. She may be using the compliment as an excuse to talk to you, which is a sign that she may like you. Noticing complimenting is also the way to tell when a girl is interested in you.

  • If she compliments you that you are a good player or you play very well then it shows that she has been paying attention to you.
  • If she compliments you about your appearance, about your skills or about your talent then it is a chance that she is into you.

7.) Notice Her Body Language

Notice her posture when she is around you. Your body language tells everything about you. A girl who is interested in you will always stand straight, pull her stomach in and pull her shoulders back.

  • Notice if she is licking her lips, lifting her head so that her neck is exposed and touching her neck.
  • If she likes you, she may get closer to you or lean towards you.
  • Girls who sit with their feet away from their body and if their legs are relaxed then she may be more interested. If she sits with crossed legs then she shows a lack of interest.
  • Notice if she blushes around you.
  • If her eyes get larger while talking to you, then she is into you. If she maintains eye contact with you, she is interested in you. When she looks down, that means she is nervous or shy. Eye contact is the great sign to tell when a girl is interested in you.
  • Notice if she imitates you. This is the sign to know if a girl likes you.

8.) Listen to Her What She Says

Listening to her what she says is the way to tell when a girl is interested in you. If she likes you then some of the things she says will show her interest. Maybe she starts to call you by a pet name or she starts complimenting you. Some other verbal signs of interest include laughing at your jokes even they are pretty poor, giggling and asking for help.

  • Notice if she is trying to be playful or coy that makes you to like her. If she confesses something embarrassing or burps in front of you or tells about a guy she has a crush on then she sees you as a friend.
  • If she asks you a lot of questions that means she wants to know about you and she likes you.
  • If she laughs even at your bad jokes then it means she is into you.


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