How to Touch a Girl?


Touching a girl right way can make her fall for you and beg you for more. If you know how to touch a girl right then it would play a great part in impressing her. If you want to move ahead with your relationship and do not want be get dumped in a friend zone then you will have to initiate to break the touch barrier. It can be difficult to know how to break the touch barrier at first. If you do it in a wrong way then a wrong message could reach her and may spoil the whole game. But it is also very necessary to break the touch barrier to get close to her and to make her like you more than a friend. Read more to know different ways to touch a girl without making any mistake.

How to Touch a Girl

Steps to Touch a Girl

1.) Be Sure First to Touch a Girl

You do not want to make her afraid, don’t you? When you want to touch a girl you have to be friendly and gentle. If she does not welcome your touch then it could be embarrassing for you. When you want to touch a girl you need to be sure that she will welcome your touch. You can know whether she will like your touch or not by observing few signs in her like when she will like you she will not hesitate standing close to you. She will also show that she like to be with you by smiling and laughing. If you feel that she is enjoying with you then you can proceed with touching her. She will also look into your eyes for a long time and when you will look at her she will also stare you back. If she seems not outgoing but a shy girl then she could be offended by your touch. Therefore, be sure first to touch a girl.

2.) Start with Accidental Touch

There are many ways to touch a girl, you can gently put your arm again her or while walking brush your hand against her. You can even touch her while giving her something like a bag or a ball anything. When you touch her watch her reaction if she retraces her hand back suddenly then it would be better to stop right there. If she smiles and holds your gaze then it is positive sign that she liked to be touched. Now that you have broken the touch barrier try little more touching next time. In the starting keep it casual and do not go for romantic gestures.

3.) Touch at Safe Places

Now you know that she welcomes your touch thus, you can move a bit more towards it. You can put you hand on her back for a small time. If while walking together your hands get brushed against each other then do not move it rather keep it there for a while. While sitting if your legs touch aginst each other then be bold to keep it like that. This will make her ready and used to for your touches. In this stage also if you feel like she is not interested or if she is nervous then you can move ahead next time.

4.) Be a Charmer to Touch Her

Now look for different ways to touch her. Whenever you both are together look for new ways by which you can touch her more. Being a gentleman is never too old, try to be a gentleman in the start while touching her. You can continue touching her by excuses to make her get used to it. Do not be a pervert and do not touch her without her consent. When you think that she is ready to go a step ahead then only move to next step.

5.) Find Opportunities to Touch a Girl

You will find many opportunities which will help you to touch her. While walking together or climbing a staircase you can offer your hand to her. If she is stepping over any uneven surface and you can even hold her from her waist. This would bring you both closer than before. If she is wearing heels you can offer her your arm to hold on. She will love these romantic gestures and like your touch even more. You can even touch her from waist or shoulder and pull her back to lead her to the right way. These bolder touches will warm her up for more intense touches. While walking you can hold her hand to lead the way and even can offer her to link arms. Also, keep on checking her reactions to know she is enjoying it or not?

6.) Be Playful to Touch a Girl

You can be playful to touch a girl. While teasing each other you can tickle her to make her laugh. You can even pull her cheeks as an excuse to touch her. Being playful and touching might bring you very close as well. You can have pillow fights as well or any wrestling competition in a fun manner. If she is not interested in your game then do not keep on doing it. Look how she reacts to everything before to move a step ahead.

7.) Move a Step Ahead to Touch a Girl

Now try the bolder moves to touch a girl. Till know if she has not opposed you then you can proceed to this level of touching. This could also help you to get out from friend zone. There are various ways by which you can do it are as follows:

  • Go for a Bike Ride; take her for a long drive on a bike with you. This might bring you both closer as she will hold you closely. You can also offer to teach her how to ride a bike as this way you both can get closer than before.
  • Dance with Her; play any romantic music and ask her hand for a dance. Dance slowly looking into her eyes and put your hand at her waist, This move can even spark the romance between you both.

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