Signs a Girl Likes You?


Interpreting a girl is very difficult for guys. They usually get confused in what a girl is saying and what she actually means. Still, a girl is a human being too and she also gives signs according to her moods. Human’s face can reveal every thought going inside their brain but you should be able to find it. When you try looking for signs a girl likes you, plenty of signs will be there to help you out. Girls even give few subtle hints purposely when she wants you to feel her fondness for you. To know if a girl like you or not start reading her body language and facial gestures. We have arranged possible signs a girl give when she likes someone.

Signs a Girl Likes You

Signs a Girl Likes You

1.) Signs a Girl Likes You; She Asks Opinion

When a girl likes someone she trusts that person enough to ask an opinion about anything related to her. It is a good sign to know if a girl like you or not. Does she ask your opinion about any serious matters related to her life? If she often does this then it is a good sign to know that she likes you. Not only she will ask your opinion but she will consider it too. She might ask your opinion on any minute to serious issues. She might ask you about which dress she should buy or how to deal with a serious problem.

2.) Signs a Girl Likes You; She Likes Your Company

She cherishes your company a lot. You can see on her face how much she love to be with you. When a girl likes you she will want to spend most of her time with you. She will try to find new ways to be with you most of the time. You will see that girl stays happy whenever she is with you. She will even try to ask you out often or may ask your help so that she could be with you. You will find out that she really loves your company by her reactions and expressions when you both are together.

3.) Signs a Girl Likes You; She Feels Safe Around You

She is not afraid to go out with you even late at night. When you are with a girl check if she feels safe to go with you anywhere to know if she likes you or not? If she hesitates to go out with you or wants to go back as soon as possible then she is not much interested in you. She will also never deny going out with you at any time. Since she likes to spend time with you, she would want to be with you much often.

4.) Signs a Girl Likes You; She Doesn’t Mind Your Touch

To know if a girl likes you or not try to watch her react when you touch her accidentally. If she is a shy girl she might hesitate it otherwise, she will like to be closer to you. She will even encourage your touch and might try coming closer to you by herself. But if she hesitates and gets away from you when you touch her then she is not much interested in you. Try to look if she is avoiding touch because she is shy or disinterested. When she will do it due to shyness then she will be polite and blush. In the case of being disinterested, she can even act harshly.

5.) Signs a Girl Likes You; Compliment You Often

Who does not likes to be complimented, I guess no one! Everyone likes to be praised for their skills or their looks. You too will be complimented for your great or new hairstyle, for your dressing style or could be because of your any skills. Getting complimented by her will be very often. She will even compliment for your poor jokes so that you do not feel bad about it. When a girl will like you she will try to keep you happy in her company and complimenting you is the best way of doing it.

6.) Signs a Girl Likes You; She Care For You

When a girl will like you she will care for you like you are precious to her. If she cares for you then it is a good sign a girl likes you. She will take care of your likes and dislikes, she will remind you to submit your assignment on time. There are a lot of ways to show that a person cares. If you feel like she cares for you and gets sad when you are not feeling well then it is a strong sign that she likes you.

7.) Check How Her Friends React

Watch how her friend reacts in front of you to get a sure sign a girl like you. A girl shares about her crush with her best friends. You will often hear giggling and whispering when you will cross them. And after watching you they will stop talking suddenly. It is because they must be teasing her with your name. You will also see her friends giving you a big nasty smile. He friend might also try to give you a hint about her likeness for you by teasing her in front of you.

8.) Signs a Girl Likes You; Never Mention Other Guys

She will never mention that she is interested in any guys in front of you. When a girl likes you she will try to not give you wrong signals by telling that she is interested in someone else. It will only happen when either she is not interested in you or she is trying to get you jealous. If she will get a hint that you like her then only she will try to get you jealous to be sure about your feelings for you. And if she has no hint of your feelings then she surely will never mention other guys because she does not want to give you any wrong hint.

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