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You always think about the lot of things to talk to him but always end up keeping it in your mind. Perhaps you are scared of the fact that he is disinterested in you and you are not the right person for him. Or maybe you try very hard to approach him but words don’t come out of your mouth and you go out of topic. It is not easy to start a conversation with someone if the other person does not show much interest in you. Conversation is the very important part of any relationship. Either if you are interested in starting a relationship with him or if you want to know what is running in his mind you have to talk to him. Initiating a conversation may be the hard part but once you know how to do and what to talk about it will become easy for you to talk to a guy.

There may be many reasons which hold you to initiate a conversation such as you are worrying too much about the consequence or say rejection. But it is wise to do something instead of worrying about the consequences. Don’t worry we are here to guide you to talk to a guy.

How to Talk to a Guy

Follow These Steps to Talk to a Guy

1.) Approach Him

You can do anything to break the ice all you need is to summon all your courage to talk to a guy. He is not going to eat you up. Go and talk to him you may ask a question, he would feel good to help you and this way you two would get a reason to talk more. Remember not to ask any stupid question or any question which is very obvious to answer. If you can think of any question which will involve both of you solving it then nothing is better than that because it will give you both times to spend with each other. Also, be cool and calm don’t show him that you are desperate to talk to him, it may slip away the situation within your hands.

2.) Know About Him

Try to gather information about him. It may be from your mutual friends, his social networking sites or anything which will make you know about his interests or liking. When you will know about him you will have an upper hand and it will work in your favor while talking to him. Like if you know his favorite sport you can talk about it with him. He will also take part in talking about his favorite topic. You can also talk about the book he has read or type of books he likes to read or movies about superheroes such as on which superhero team he is on?

3.) Let Your Body Language Speak

Smile whenever you meet his gaze or he passes by. It will tell him that you are interested in talking to him and he may try to start the conversation someday. Don’t forget to make eye contact, even if you haven’t talk making an eye contact would strengthen your relationship or would build a relationship between you too. You can also give a slight nod when you see him. These gestures would tell him that you are interested in him and would like to have a conversation.

4.) Ask for Help to Talk to a Guy

Guys always like to show that they are good at something. When you will ask his help he will feel glad about it and would love to help you. You can take his help in solving any puzzle or can ask him about tips to complete your projects. He would try to help you with all his efforts. You can also ask him to fix your car or to drop you if your car breaks. Asking help will make him feel good and he would feel great about it that someone thinks he is worthy of asking for help. It will also let you know that he likes you or not?

5.) Create Opportunities to Talk to a Guy

Create opportunities to talk to him. Try to get in the same group in which he is in or try to join the same club or do the same activities which will make you interact with him more. This way at some point you two will get to talk to each other. For instance, if he is in drama club you too can be a part of it, take the interest in dramas. Do take the part and if you cannot be involved as a team then watch his plays, this way you can initiate a conversation by congratulating him and further can talk about plays.

6.) Let Him Talk About Himself

Everyone loves talking about themselves. Ask him questions about him like how his day was or what he did over the weekend. Asking questions about him would let him know that how much you are interested in talking to him and would also give him an opportunity to brag about himself. Do not ask questions with stop end answers ask questions which will let him elaborate the answer or will let him explain to you. A question with a just NO and YES would serve no purpose.

7.) Talk About Gadgets/Cars

Now if he approaches you or you get any chance to talk to him you can then talk about gadgets. Almost every guy is a gadget freak you just need to start the topic. Yes, they will go crazy about giving you details about any particular gadget. It maybe the laptop or cellphone they like to show that how knowledgeable they are about gadgets. You can also ask them, tips to keep your gadget safe or which new phone would be the best option to buy? Just ask once and see them going gaga about it. The car is also a favorite topic of guys you can ask them about their dream car or brands which they prefer the most.

It may seem hard at first but nothing is hard in talking to a guy. Remember they are same as you are you just need to be cool and break the ice.

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