How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?


If you recently broke up with your girlfriend then you are probably in bad mood. It has been a few days, few weeks or can be a month but the pain is still raw then what will you do? Well, you are missing her and you want her back. Relationships can end due to many reasons. Girls have endless unique reasons for ending relationships. Most of the guys think that getting an ex girlfriend back is not possible, but it is not hard to get back your ex girlfriend. Lots of people come back together after a breakup. In this article, you will get to know some useful tips to get your ex girlfriend back.

How to get your ex girlfriend back

Best Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back:

1.) Understand the Reasons

There is always a reason behind breakup. May be you are the reason or your girlfriend may be the reason for your breakup. So it is important to figure out the reasons for your breakup and understand the perspective. To recover the things you need to analyze the things.

2.) Leave Her Alone

At least for a while, you should give her time to think about your relationship. If you had a great time, then she will definitely think about you and feel the absence of you. If you call her in every 5 minutes and knock her door then she will pull away from you.

  • You have to cut off all the communication with her. This is tough but you have to do it. Don’t talk to her for some weeks or a month. This will also help to cool down your temper.
  • If you see your ex girlfriend socially, then be polite simply say hi, but make sure that you will not bother her.
  • Don’t give her too much space because if you do it then she will find another guy.

3.) Give Yourself Some Time

Not only you should give her some space, but you should give yourself some space to consider and think about what went worst in the relationship. Take your time and sit down and ask yourself what you did? Figure out the things that went wrong and improve them to take the things further. Don’t date another girl during this time period. Focus on yourself and don’t repeat the mistakes.

4.) Stay Busy

If you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back then you should try to keep yourself busy and active so that you can work on being independent and pursue your interests. Do all the things that you love and spend some time with your family and friends. They will cheer you up. If you workout then your self confidence will improve.

5.) Let Her See that You Have a Great Time

After giving her space and have worked on self improvement, she will want to know about you. Let her notice or see that what an amazing guy you are and how much you are enjoying.

  • Don’t look like a stalker, make sure you are hanging out in such places where she can see you. Be with your friends and enjoy with them.
  • Be interested and animated in the conversations that you are having with your friends.
  • Show her that you are a passionate guy who loves to talk.
  • Don’t avoid her when she looks at you. Give her smile and carry on to your conversation.

6.) Make Her Jealous

Making her jealous is the best move to get your ex girlfriend back. If she broke up because she thought that you were too into her or she was bored by you, then make her jealous.

  • If you are still talking then casually talk about other girls. You can mention one girl many times so that she asks you about her “who is this girl?” You can also mention that you were at a party with most of the girls.
  • Be with other girls so that she can see you.

7.) Show Her You Have Changed

  • Give her attention but act like that you are busy or distracted and behave like you are not giving all attention to her for once. This will confuse her and force her to think that you want her more.
  • Don’t complement her too much. When you were together, you might have complimented her many times but now one compliment would be enough to show that you are not obsessed over her.
  • If you are in a party, then let her come to you or approach you.

8.) Apologize to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you want her back then apologize for what went wrong in your relationship. So be a man and tell her you made a mistake. If you really want to apologize then send her an e-mail or a text message. If you don’t text her, then she might think that you don’t take her seriously. Don’t say sorry for everything. Say only “I am sorry I should have been more attentive”.

9.) Show Her That You Have Become a Mature Person

If you want to get your ex girlfriend back then let her see that you have changed a lot.

  • She will be impressed if you act calm and even-keeled.
  • She will be happy to see you being confident.
  • Be responsible by showing her that you can manage everything like fiance, your job and you can take care of your dog.
  • Don’t be jealous of other guys if she talks to other guys. If you feel jealous then she doesn’t like it and you look insecure.

10.) Make a Move

  • Once she notices that you have changed then it’s time to tell her how you feel. Pick up the right place and time to tell her.
  • Make eye contact when you talk to her.
  • Be honest and open and share your feelings. Don’t sound like that you are pleading and begging.
  • If she agrees then go out with her and treat her right.
  • Take her to splendid place or restaurant and bring her flowers. Start with a little bit of romance, she will definitely like it.
  • When you pick her up, compliment her that she looks beautiful. By doing this, she will be impressed and you can get her back in your life.

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