How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You?


Hello! girls, do you like someone or you want to find your male partner? Does he know that you like him? If he doesn’t know then how could you make him fall in love with you? Whenever the amazing weather starts, we start wishing that we had a special someone with whom we can spend time. Having a guy fall head over heels for you is very easier than you think. This is very common for a girl to like a guy and they are looking to him feeling the same for you. The guy whom you like could be the man of your dreams, you love him very much and you want him to be with you but still you don’t have him. If you are trying to find what would make a guy fall in love with you, just take a look at this article that will give you some useful tips.

How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You

Best Tips to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You

1.) Attract Him by Your Appearance

Put your time and energy into your physical appearance and attract your man that can value your looks. If you feel healthy and strong then you will feel more confident.

  • When you are with the guy you like, dress attractively.
  • Put on a little scent before you go out.
  • Keep your hair styled and clean. Pay attention to your personal hygiene.
  • If you see him that he is taking glances at your attire that means you have hit the nail.
  • If he sees other men staring at you, it will make him desire you more.

2.) Smile Often

Your best weapon is your smile which is completely free. A smile makes you look approachable. Guys cannot avoid a cute smile. If you are pleasant when you are with him then he will love you for it. Think about your happy moment to spark a smile. Smile slowly. Make eye contact with the guy you love or like, smile at him and let it spread on your face. If you blush when he is looking at you then you can’t be avoided.

3.) Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is the way to increase his feelings of attraction for you. It has been seen romantic when two people make eye contact which helps them to fall in love with each other. When you talk to him, gaze into his eyes and do not be afraid to lock your eyes with him. If you are too nervous while making eye contact or you think that this is not the right time, use quick glances to make eye contact with him. This shows that you are interested in him.

4.) Wear Soft Textures to Attract Him

There is also another way to make a guy fall in love with you. Men find  soft texture pleasant. Try to wear clothes which are made from fur, faux, silk, microfiber or other textures that he will want to touch. This will make your guy want you more. Wear red to attract him. The red color increases feelings of passion and attraction in both women and men. Try to wear a red top, a red dress or red lipstick to make him notice you.

5.) Emphasize Your Similarities

Due to a sense of connection, people feel attracted to each other. If you have common things with him then highlight those things in your conversations. If you both love a certain type of band or music, movies then talk to him about it. Make sure that don’t over highlight or lie about things that you have in common. Doing this may cause him to see you dishonest or desperate.

6.) Show off Your Talents and Independence

  • Surprise him with your talents to make a guy fall in love with you. Show off your talent with your dance, or playing the piano or even while karting. Let him see your talent and admire you for the talented person you are. Let him know that you are a pack of happy surprises.
  • Being dependent on someone for your happiness are not good and attractive qualities. Show him that you are an independent and strong woman. Show him that you do not need anyone to be happy.

7.) Be Kind

Being rude to the guy you like is the way to make him lose interest in you. Men like those women who are kind and polite. So be kind and polite to the guy and show that you are also polite to the others. Showing your kind personality will attract him towards you.

8.) Don’t Always Agree with Him

Compatibility is the great quality in a happy relationship. Don’t always accept what the guy says or what he wants to do. Sometimes, your disagreement can hurt him but later it will make him respect your opinions. Always remember, a guy likes to flirt with a fun girl and wants to have a serious conversation with an intellectual girl. Give him both worlds, so that he will fall in love with you.

9.) Don’t Be Possessive

Don’t be over possessive before he commits his love to you. This mistake is done by many girls that try to be over possessive about the guy before he commits his love to them. This strategy will definitely fail because in reality you cannot be possessive. Let him decide what is best for him and if you are one for him  then he will surely fall in love with you.

10.) Enticing Him

  • It is important to spend a lot of time together, in the beginning of a relationship. During, this time, you should know each other.
  • Make him feel needed because it may increase his feelings or fondness for you. Ask him to help you or ask for his advice that can make him feel important and needed.
  • Having good morals will help you to make a guy fall in love with you. Guys like those girls who are well disciplined and have good manners. Act maturely towards him.

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