How to Select a Gift for a Guy?



You may want to select a gift for a guy but you may be running out of ideas. Well, in this article we will tell you how to do it. It is not a tough thing to buy a gift for a guy unless you know about his personality. You should have a brief idea about his favourite things and hobbies. It makes the task much easier for you. If you don’t know any of these then you may go for buying something practical. You can opt for giving him something which can help him work, play, relax or study. Things like books, musical instruments, tools, sports tickets, etc. If he is someone close to you then you may go for personalized gifts. But, don’t gift a guy any decorative item ever. These are meant to be for girls only.

How to Select a Gift for a guy

Tips on How to Select a Gift for a Guy:

1) Get Him Something of His Interest

You may gift him something he would like to receive. You may have the idea about his interests. Giving him a gift which he can use to perform his hobby can be a good option. It may reflect the thought process behind its selection. He will be impressed to see it. However, you can always ask him indirectly about his preferences. It will give you enough hints about the right gift for him. People generally receive those gifts with much warmth because somewhere inside they want to buy it for themselves.

2) A Home-made Gift for Your Guy Friend

You can think of making one at your home to gift him. If your guy friend is a special friend of yours then you may do something interesting to show your care for them. He will love it. If he is a music-lover then you may buy an old vinyl record from a thrift shop and convert it into something creative. You may turn it into a bowl or coasters. There are numerous ideas on internet that you can look for. If you can paint or draw then you may make a comic portrait of your friend and get it framed. It will be a personalized gift from your side. You may gift him some home-made cookies or cupcakes. Indeed, it may come out as a sweet gift.

3) A Gift with a Tinge of Fun

You can look for a gift which reflects a funny side of yours and he will consider it humorous too. This gift can be anything like a t-shirt having a funny quote printed on it or a comedy show DVD. It can be a teasing gift like buying the cactus plant for him or gifting him a sack of potatoes. You may think of giving him old-fashioned sunglasses of late 70’s. However, you may consider these gifts only if you know him well. These gifts are very informal and can ruin your impression if that guy is not that close to you.

4) Present Him a ‘Manly’ Gift

If nothing comes in your mind right now then you may go for some traditional manly gift. Generally, we buy grooming kits, a tie, a pair of cuff-links, a watch, a wallet, driving accessories, pocket knife and many more manly things to gift a guy. These are safe gift options and guys expect these kinds of gifts coming to them. These gifts are memorable and well-suited to every guy.

5) Consider His Lifestyle to Select a Gift for a Guy

You should consider his lifestyle to select a gift for a guy. He may be a sports fan then you may buy him tickets or an autographed t-shirt by his favourite player. He could be a health enthusiast then bringing him a health magazine subscription can be a bright idea. You may gift him gym accessories too. Your guy friend can be a party lover. In that case, gift him a membership to his favourite club or bar. If he is a traveller by heart then you may gift him a tour package to his favourite destination. There are loads of ideas available to select a gift for a guy.

6) Consider His Emotional Quotient to Select a Gift for a Guy

You guy friend can be an emotional person and thus you may gift him something which is very close to his heart. You may think of making a wonderful collage out of his pictures. You can select some of the pictures which are related to memorable events or phases of his life. You may collect these from his social media account.

7) Consider His Financial Condition to Select a Gift for a Guy

You should consider the financial condition of your guy friend before gifting him anything. It could be possible that he may need some money for something important. You may gift him a gold or silver coin just to show up your helpful gesture. He may encash it whenever he wants to. It is certainly a great gift idea.

8) Ask His Close Friends to Select a Gift for a Guy

You may ask his friends to get some unique ideas about buying a gift for him. They may suggest you some useful and great gifts for your guy friend. Obviously, they may help you happily. They have the idea of their friend’s taste and you will not have to give a second thought to it.

9) Pay Attention to His Shopping to Select a Gift for a Guy

You can get the idea of his needs if you pay close attention to his shopping. You may come to know that he wants something which is not even an object. Or, he may be in the dire need of something but due to some or the other reasons he is not able to get it. You can gift that thing to him.

10) Go for a Group Gift

If nothing comes to your mind then you may go for a group gift. It is a good way to gift him something which you can’t afford to buy alone. Not only will you save money but your efforts to select a gift for him will get reduced too.

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