How to Start a Conversation with a Girl?



You see a beautiful girl and your heart starts running faster. You want to tell her how she makes your feel or want to ask her out on a date but don’t know how to initiate a conversation. A lot of guys fear of starting a conversation with a girl or they just don’t know how to do so? Few don’t even realize this problem until they freeze when talking to a girl in the first meeting. Many can even talk for hours but they just hesitate to approach a girl for initiating a conversation. Every guy wants to learn the skill to start a conversation with a girl without hesitating and skills to have the great impression on her in the first conversation itself.

This social skill is not tough to master, with keeping few points in mind. You can learn how to start a conversation with a girl without having any flaws if you follow the steps given below.

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl

Steps to Start a Conversation with a Girl:

1.) Make Eye Contact:

Making an eye contact will show her that you are interested in talking to her. A firm eye contact reflects your confidence. Make an eye contact with the girl you want to talk to also, smile if she looks back in your eyes. Eyes can talk without words. When you can’t talk actually talk virtually. Make sure to look directly into her eye but don’t hold the gaze for the very long time you will look creepy.

2.) Keep it Simple to start a Conversation with a Girl

The girl you are going to approach is obviously beautiful and is very used to get approached by many men. She might even be tired of hearing cheesy lines. So, all you need to do it to keep your introduction part simple. A simple “Hi”, or “Hey”, how are you doing would be enough. Keeping it simple would make it easy for her and would present you as a genuine guy who just wants to have a chat. She will also respond because to you because you did not ask anything bad or made a hit on her you just asked a simple question which she would not feel offended to reply to.

3.) Ask Her Questions

Ask her general questions like is she having a good time? Or does she like the place? These simple questions are the great way to carry on conversation and it also doesn’t harm anyone. These general questions would help you both to build a conversation. She will also not hesitate to answer these questions as it has nothing to do with her personal life or it also doesn’t show that you are hitting on her which will feel her safe to talk to you.

4.) Comment on Something

If you see anything which is worthy to talk about try to comment about it, do it being closer to her while she can hear you? Try to do it in a funny way looking at her so that she would respond back to you. For instance, if you are in a pub or bar you can comment about the music this will also give you an idea about her likes or dislikes. You can start saying “Oh!” this is music is so good it makes me feel I am already in heaven, don’t tell me you are an angel? She would not stop smiling hearing this and would definitely start the conversation herself.

5.) Compliment Her to Start a Conversation with a Girl

You can compliment her or give her gestures that her dress is pretty. Every girl loves to be complimented. She may start talking to you herself. Complimenting is the best way to initiate a conversation; it will make her feel good about herself and would also show her that you are interested in her. In places like restaurant or bar you can also write a note and it pass to her, looking beautiful written on the note.

6.) Start with a Fact to Talk to the Girl You Like

You can start the conversation by telling any fact about the place or about the food, music or anything in your surroundings. Which may be apt for the situation, don’t say anything which will have no meaning at that place. You can tell her fact about the cheese or wine whatever may be closest. Tell fact which is not very common and would amaze her. This would make her feel that you are a smart person who have good knowledge about things and who doesn’t likes a smart person.

7.) Ask Her Opinion

Ask her opinion about anything, asking opinion would make her feel important. This would also involve her in the topic. Getting to know her opinion would let you know her better. You can sit beside her and which drink you should buy or which place is a must visitor if you are in an office you can ask about which coffee you should try at the cafeteria.

8.) Crack a Joke to Start a Conversation with a Girl

Crack a joke when she is close. You can also crack a joke looking at her and smile at her. Your joke may lighten up her mood and her smile will help you to start a conversation. Be sure to not pull off any stupid or vulgar joke. Crack a decent joke; don’t try overdoing it if she doesn’t pay attention. Make sure that you are in her audible range before cracking the joke

9.) Share Interesting Story

Share any interesting story which happened in your life or anybody else or even can be a fake one. The interesting story will make her curious to know more about it. She may ask you to tell more about it. Before handed prepare any interesting story to narrate and narrate it while she listens to you. Make her attention turn towards you; if you can do that then it is the walk on the cake for you.

10.) Talk on Mutual Interest

You both like a thing then talk about it. If you are seeing her first time then talk about anything this may be liked by her as well. You can also talk about the mutual friend if you have any. You can ask about her favorite band or movie and can talk about it. Talking about topics which interest her will make her pay attention to the conversation.

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