How to Talk to a Girl You Like? (For the First Time)


In this article, we will tell you how to talk to a girl you like for the first time. You may want to meet her and talk to her as soon as possible. If you want to get to know a girl then you need to talk to her. You might be hesitating to do this. In order to put a good impression on her, you may have planned a lot. But somewhere that doubt comes in your mind if everything will fall into the right place or not? This could be your only chance to approach her for a relationship. Don’t get stressed as we are putting up some simple tips to start a conversation with a girl you like.

How to Talk to a Girl You Like

Things to know to Talk to a Girl You Like (For the First Time):

1) Be Confident while Talking to a Girl You Like

Confidence is the key to winning her heart. Girls like that guy who shows confidence in his approach. Don’t get nervous while saying something to her. If it is happening then take deep breaths and start again. You may practice it with your friends. Speak in a firm and loud voice before them. Remove all the fear and negativity from your mind. It is not that much complicated as you might expect it to be. You should start with asking general introductory questions. However, don’t show over-confidence either.

2) Give a Compliment to a Girl You Like while Talking

You should always give a compliment to the girl while meeting her for the first time. Girls like to accept compliments. You may say to her that she is looking beautiful in that dress or you may appreciate her smile. Make her feel comfortable with your talks. Don’t say anything about her looks otherwise, she will think that you are just-another-guy. She may be getting that compliment from almost everyone. Avoid saying that she is hot. It may offend her.

3) Make Eye Contact while Talking to a Girl You Like

Make eye contact with the girl you like while talking to her. A soft and deep gaze can tickle her mind and may make her fall for you. She may give the same gaze back to you. This could be a positive response from her side. Bingo! You are on the right track. Flatter her with your mesmerizing smile. If she is interested then she may smile back.

4) Be a Good Listener while Talking to a Girl You Like

You should listen to her when she is saying something to you. Girls want acknowledgement on what they say to you. If at all, you look bored or gazing away your sight then she may think that you are disinterested. She may respond to you in the same way. This could spoil all of your efforts to impress her. Give her needed attention and chance to put her viewpoint before you. It will help you know more about her.

5) Tell Her about Your Skills and Talents while Talking to a Girl You Like

You may share your skills and talents with her. Let her know that how good you are in singing or in playing the guitar or in surfing. Girls like guys having multiple skills and talents. It may portray an interesting figure of yours. Moreover, it can allow you to talk on various other topics. She may share with you some of her interests. This is a nice way to start a conversation with a girl you like.

6) Show Her Your Sense of Humour while Talking to a Girl You Like

You can make her laugh by your talks. Girls love this skill of guys. Basically, girls get attracted to those guys who have a good sense of humour. After all, who in this world does not want to keep smiling? Making her laugh can work for you and she may think that you are a jolly person to get along with. She may feel relaxed and happy in your company.

7) Try Flirting with a Girl You Like while Talking to Her

You may flirt with her while talking to her for the first time. Just a little flirting can get good acknowledgement from her side. For this, give her an intense look, with deeper breath and sparkling smile on your face. Your eyes should get deep inside her. She will sense it that you are interested in her. She may respond well by flaunting a cute smile on her face. It is a sensual way to talk to a girl you like.

8) Respect Her while Talking to a Girl You Like

You should respect her as a girl while talking to her. It could reflect in your attitude if you think her lower than you. Even if she may feel disinterested in your talks, do not get irritated or abusive. She may not be in the right mood to get into a conversation. She has all the right to back off from this conversation. Do not feel offended. This is a sensible way to talk to a girl you like.

9) Be Presentable while Talking to a Girl You Like

You should look like a gentleman while facing the girl you like. Don’t use foul language in front of her. Show a calm and composed behavior. Handle everything with much ease without showing your irritation for it. Girls like well-balanced behavior. They are very particular about their image and hence they expect the same from the person getting along with her.

10) Be Yourself while Talking to a Girl You Like

You should be in your own skin while talking to a girl you like. Don’t apply extra efforts to impress her. Act normally like you always do before others. Portraying a false image can only add discomfort to your normal life. You may try to change yourself just for the sake of her which is not logical. She may like you the way you are. Do not complicate it with a role-play. Showing your genuine nature can be the best way to talk to a girl you like.

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