How to Talk to a Guy You Like?


In this article, we will tell you how to talk to a guy you like. If you want to get to know a guy then you need to talk to him. But you may think how to proceed? What to say? How to impress him? There may several questions in your mind right now. You just don’t want to miss the chance and want to be in his good books as soon as possible. Well, it is not that complex as you may have expected it to be. Follow these simple tips to start a conversation with a guy you like.

How to Talk to a Guy You Like

Tips on How to Talk to a Guy You Like:

1) Be Confident while Talking to a Guy You Like

You should have enough confidence in you to take an initiative. Start a conversation by asking some random questions. It could be anything related to his profession or hobbies or family. Gather all the courage to face him. He will definitely respond in a positive way. Be self-assured in your approach and don’t let nervousness spoil your move. It may happen that he might get interested in talking to you. Or, you may lose interest in him after listening to some of his answers to your questions.

2) Talk about Cars to a Guy You Like

Cars are one of the hot topics on which guys can talk at almost any moment. They are very fond of their automobiles and are always ready to describe its specifications. So, why not talk about it to that guy? You may listen to what he is saying and may ask more questions. It will help you know him in a better way as it can work as an ice-breaker for you.

3) Know His Sports Interests to Talk to a Guy You Like

Sport is another favorite topic which you may pick to talk over with guys. You can ask him about his favorite team and his favorite sport. He may tell you more about what sport he like to play. You may join his sports academy if possible. He will like you if you show your interest in the sport. However, some guys are not much interested in sports.

4) Talk about Movie to Start a Conversation with a Guy You Like

You can ask him about his taste in movies. Guys often love to watch action and horror movies. They like to talk about movies. It may open a possibility to go for a movie date with him. You may spend quality time in the theatre watching the movie. The more you two converse with each other, the stronger your bonding will become.

5) Show Interest in His Work while Talking to a Guy You Like

Show him that you are interested in what he does for his living. Like girls, guys also share their dreams and goals with their friends. They may get interested in telling you how much they dislike their bosses. It will make them feel comfortable talking to you. You should also express your views on the professional issues which you are facing. He may have a good idea for you to tackle it tactfully. Sharing thoughts over a common topic will help you understand him in a better way. Certainly, it is a nice way to talk to a guy you like.

6) Talk about His Views on Other Women

You may ask him what he thinks about women. By this, you will come to know his thinking about you. It will help you analyse his character and exactly what kind of person he is. While talking about women, he may tell you about the traits he wants to see his lady. Keep the atmosphere light by throwing one-liners in between the conversation. You may ask him about his family and friends. Indeed, it is a tricky way to talk to a guy you like.

7) Try Flirting with a Guy You Like

It will do no harm to you if you flirt with him a little. Moreover, it will clear out your motive to him. He may get the feeling that you are into him. It is not tough for you to start with it. Just a smile and eye contact will do the magic for you. Observe him carefully while he is saying something to you. It shouldn’t be like you are staring at him. Keep your eyes rotating on all over his face. This could be an interesting way to talk to a guy you like.

8) Listen to Him while Talking to a Guy You Like

You should keep in mind that you are standing in front of him to know him in a better way. So, give him a fair chance to talk to you. Don’t fill up the conversation with your own talks. Sometimes, in nervousness, you keep on rumbling out everything coming in your mouth. This will make him disinterested in the conversation.

9) Use Your Sense of Humor to Talk to a Guy You Like

You can make a conversation interesting by adding the flavor of humor in it. Everyone loves to laugh. Show him your funny side and crack some hilarious jokes to incorporate him into the conversation. He may come out with another one. It could give you a hint about his sense of humor too. Making people laugh is counted as a strength of one’s personality. So, be ready with your jokes and anecdotes to fill up the atmosphere with giggles and laughs.

10) Be Yourself while Talking to a Guy You Like

You don’t need to fake it while telling something about yourself to a guy you like. Be original while presenting yourself before him. He may like you as you really are. Moreover, there is no need to change your personality and thinking for someone. You are an awesome human being and the traits which you have in you can attract him towards you. Share with him your interests, dreams, your skills, and talents. It is not bragging at all. So, don’t get tempted to lie to him about you. Surely, it is the best way to talk to a guy you like.

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