How to Tell if Someone Likes You?

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Have a crush on someone but not sure if the feeling is mutual? Some people sends mix signals that force you to think about “do they like me or not”? Sometimes, many people have the fear of rejection when they like someone. In this case, they believe that the other person may also feel the same. So it is advisable that you should look for a number of signs that can increase your chances of knowing how to tell if someone likes you. It is very common that you are attracted towards someone. But telling them about your feelings is quite difficult. Everyone show their feelings or emotions in different ways. This article is about different ways to tell if someone likes you.

How to tell if someone likes you

Best Ways to Tell if Someone Likes You:

1.) Notice Body Language

Understand the body language because body language helps to identify the signs that someone likes you. 95 percent of communication is nonverbal. In body language, you should notice face, the tone of voice, body and finally their words. Guys and girls share some forms of body language and also have specific subconscious signals which they will give if they like you.

Eye contact- Both guys and girls will make eye contact when they like someone. Don’t hold eye contact for too long.

Woman’s Body Language- There are some recognizable signs that a guy can find.

  • She will pull her sleeves and expose her wrist. This exposure is one of the good signals.
  • She tries to close the distance between you and her. She will do it in any way like by moving menu or drink closer to you.
  • She will try to find a way to touch you. Like she will say ‘come here’ and she will show you her phone or any other thing so that your body may touch hers.

Man’s Body Language- There are some recognizable and subconscious signs that a girl can find.

  • If a guy likes you, he takes a deep breath. When the guy pushes his upper body back and takes a deep breath then this is the subconscious sign.
  • When you talk he leans toward you.
  • He sits with open legs.
  • He licks his lips while talking to you.

2.) Detect Friend’s Feelings

  • If you are friends then notice if they trying to become more than friends. People often think they are only friends while one of them develops feelings for the other.
  • When a friend likes you or fall for you then he or she shows some signs which are given below:
  • Try to touch your shoulders and will ask for hugs.
  • Offering his coat or sweater in a mannerly way.
  • Make jokes about the person you are dating.
  • Kiss you on the cheek or ask for kisses.
  • Ask you who you like a lot.

3.) They Treat You Different From Others

Treating different from others is one of the best signs when someone likes you. Notice how they treat others and you will realize that if you are receiving special treatment. If you are a girl then make the comparison between you and other girls he hangs out with. If he is similar then it is not a sign of liking, if he is not then probably he likes you.

4.) They Take Interest in What You Like

Taking an interest is the best sign to tell if someone likes you. When a person likes another person then they find a reason to talk to the other person. They will start taking an interest in what you like. For example, they want to know about you favorite music, cuisine, movies and more. If they are not aware of the event then they will try to know more from you. In this way, you can talk about such things.

5.) They Ask After Your Day

When someone is bothered about how you spent your day, then he or she might have an interest in you. They ask about how the day was and will try to know about your day’s events. They will listen to you all the way and find it interesting. They also want to indulge themselves into your schedule.

6.) They Touch You

Touching is the best sign to know whether someone likes you or not. They find excuses to touch you. Physical touch indicates the stronger feeling more than friendship. A friend who struggles with intense feelings for another friend will look for an excuse to touch them. Rubbing shoulders, holding hands and nudging with the elbow is a sign that someone likes you.

7.) Insecurity

Jealousy is one of the signs of deep desire for someone. They feel jealousy when they see you with their friends or with someone else because they feel for you and want to be with you. They feel jealousy because they have a fear to lose you or they think they have failed their dreams and hopes.

8.) They Talk About You to Their Friends

If someone is in your mind or you like someone then definitely you will talk about that person to their friends. By seeing his or her friend’s body language you can get to know about the feelings of someone who likes you. Like their friends would start teasing him or her and they start smiling when they see you.

9.) They Stalk You

Sometimes people do crazy things and they follow the person they are interested in without their knowledge. Sometimes they silently stalk the person they like and observe them from a distance. They also attend the same event by showing that their friends are also attending. Following a person you like shows intense feelings for that person.

10.) They Make the Move

By making the move is the clear sign to tell if someone likes you. When a friend starts to move further on the other then it is clear sign that they want more than a friendship. They don’t care about what anyone thinks and they deeply desire that person they are making a move on. This is the clear sign of a friend who wants more than a friendship. That means the person wants to directly initiate the process of taking the relationship further.

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