How to Turn a Girl On?



Guys, if you are looking for turning a girl on then you are at the right place. Here are some useful tips that will help you to figure out what your girl wants. It is very easy to turn a guy on but it is difficult to turn a girl on. Most guys think they are great and confident and start dating girls. But they fail to understand what turns a woman on. Sometimes the most frequent complaint guys have about their partners is that they should be more responsive to their sexual approach. The reason behind this is male sexual desire is more spontaneous and robust while female sexual desire is more responsive and variable. Turning a girl on over text will make it easier to get physical with her. So, you can also opt text option. To turn a girl on you should spend a more time on foreplay because girls need more time than you to get turned on. But when the girls get turned on, they stay turned on for the longer time and enjoy a better orgasm.

How to turn a girl on

Tips to Turn a Girl On:

1.) Warm Her Up

The best and main key to turn a girl on is to take your time. Guys usually get turned on fast while women need time. That means you will have to take the seduction part nice and slow. A huge part of warming her up is making her feel safe and comfortable. Sex is very mental for girls and you should help them to make them feel comfortable.

2.) Make Her Feel Pretty

Girls feel like they are most important and beautiful woman in the world. That means you should pay attention towards them. If you are attractive, then the warm and fuzzy feeling will help to turn a girl on. If you think she is pretty then it is a significant turn-on.

  • Say “Hello, beautiful” or “Hey, pretty lady” when you greet her.
  • Give her a compliment by lowering the volume and tone of your voice slightly and say something like “I love your eyes” or “You look amazing today.”

3.) Be the Best Person

Be the person who is honestly kind. You should respect her and think she is very beautiful. You should be the person who works hard and makes it easier for her to work hard by helping her.  You should not be boring as girls don’t like boredom. Your dangerous side will be a huge turn on. This will keep you from turning her off.

4.) Be Confident

Some girls like a guy who is little nervous. If the girl is shy, then be confident. If the girl is confident, then act freely. Always keep your shoulders straight and chin high and don’t be afraid to look into her eyes. You are communicating through your body language that you are brave, strong and worthy of her attention. Put on perfume or deodorant, shave, wear clean clothes and brush your teeth. You should be physically best that will help you to act confident.

5.)  Start with Slow and Gentle Touches

When you are with a girl you like then be polite. Use good table manners, say please or thank you, pull the chair for her and open the door for her. Good manners are not always attractive but bad manners are unattractive, so play it safe. At the end of the date, soft, light and subtle touches her stomach, her arm, and her legs. These are the huge turn on for a woman.

6.) Whisper in Her Ear and Caress Her

Ears are the sensual zone for both sexes and the light pressure of your breath or voice will make her feel good. Saying the right and sensuous things will also turn on a girl. Say something like “I could not stop thinking about you.”

  • Now lightly run the back side of the fingers over the side of her face. If you close your eyes with her at the same time then it will be an advantage.
  • If your arm is around her shoulders then run your thumb over her hairline. Keep your touches light and slow.
  • Hold her hands and do few slow kisses on the inside of the wrist.
  • Run your fingers through her hair and play with her hair.
  • Try to put your hand on the top of her thigh. If she seems responsive, you can move your thumb back and forth over her leg.

7.)   Kiss Her

If you are going right, then a kiss can be the most effective way to get a girl’s attention. Keep your breath fresh with mouthwash or gum. Keep your lips smooth and soft. During a kiss, put your hands around her waist, the sides of her face or the back of her neck are all good areas. If you do French kiss then it will be a good start for both of you. Make sure that she is interested in proceeding further. Don’t touch a girl in certain areas without her permission. If you will do it without her permission then it might turn her off.

8.) Tell Her Your Desire

Girls are more sexual than guys. By telling them how much you desire will turn them on definitely. Be confident and tell them how sexy she is and you can’t wait to get her in bed. Do slow kisses on some sensitive areas such as the neck, inner thighs, ears, back of the knees, feet, ankles, throat, shoulders and inside of her upper arm.

  • Girls take a longer time to warm up. So massaging with oil will help you to feel sexy.
  • Kiss her at the corner of her mouth and then deny her for a proper kiss for a few minutes. You will turn her crazy.
  • Kiss her on the stomach, neck and inner thighs that will definitely turn her on.
  • If you don’t want her to go wild blindfold then tie her hands with a silk scarf. This will force her to focus on what she is feeling.
  • Don’t take off her clothes too fast and do it slowly.

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