How to Turn On a Guy?


Learning how to turn on a guy is one of the sexiest and exciting things a girl could ever do. It’s cute and hot at the same time. In this article, read truthful and amazing tips to turn on a guy. Knowing your manners may be an advantage in bed, but that doesn’t mean you know everything about turning a guy on. If you really want to know everything about turning on a guy then you should know how a guy’s mind works and what matters to a guy. A girl could be sexy and great in bed, but unless you know the tips on turning a guy on there is a chance that you are missing out to impress, seduce and turn a guy on at the same time. If you really want to make a guy fall for you and turn him on then you need to become sexually attractive to him. If you want to turn on a guy then you should become more desirable by him. If he desires you, then he will get turned on by you. For a guy physical appearance matters a lot when it comes to turning on. However, appearance and assets by themselves don’t turn a guy on. By turning on a guy you can improve your love life. Here are some crazy tips that will help you to arouse a guy instantly.

How to turn on a guy

Tips to Turn On a Guy:

A.) Physical Turn-On:

Physical turn on are anything that you can do with your body, touch to turn a guy on. These are things like having a seductive voice, touching him in a seductive way, dressing in sexy and flattering clothing.

1.) Show Off Some Skin

It is very obvious that men want to see you naked. If you show off more skin comfortably, then you can easily turn your guy on. It doesn’t matter how much or how little skin you show, the point is whatever you wear, you should feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, then you will turn others off. If you feel comfortable in what you are wearing then you can turn on anyone who looks at you.

2.) Touch Him During Conversation

Being touched by a girl during conversation is very seductive. You can spice up seductiveness in your conversation by touching him while you are talking with him like, touch his arm, his hand playfully or hit the chest etc. If you are not used to touching a guy then the other best way to do is by laughing together. Just work on your conversational flow casually and comfortably and put your attention on. Internally, he will feel something and start to imagine being more physical with you.

3.) Embrace Makeup

There is a big trend towards looking gorgeous and that can be possible only by wearing makeup. Guys prefer that you should be looking hot and feminine which means wearing makeup to play up with best features.

4.) Wear Perfume

Wearing perfume is the best way to turn on a guy. Apply the perfume correctly and avoid strong perfumes. But most men would prefer women to wear a little perfume. Because you are already using a bunch of products that smell very nice such as shampoo, deodorant, body wash etc.

5.) Use Your Voice

If your voice is seductive then it can play a great role in turning your guy on. Different women have different voices with different qualities and all of them can be seductive. You should sound attractive. Let your voice be sweet and relaxed but don’t let it rushed, forced or strained. Your voice should be smooth and not choppy, harsh or restrained.

6.) Start with the French Kiss

The French kiss is very basic but if you want to turn a guy on then you have to do it right. Kissing is the best way to move further or turning a guy on. Show him that you are a good kisser and he will be more turned on. To know more, read this article how to How to French Kiss??

B.) Behavioral Turn Ons:

Behavioral turn on are those which build on the base of a physical turn on. Sexual behavior is hot and a turn on.

1.) Start a Conversation

Start with an innocent conversation and it will do all the magic within a conversation. So don’t be afraid to start it by striking up a conversation. Make each other comfortable and start talking little dirty. In this way, you can enjoy your conversation and your guy will be turned on.

2.) Show Sexual Interest by Facial Expressions, Gestures, and Body Language

There are numerous body language signals that you can send but we can share a few ideas with you.  Doing little things like touching your hair,  biting your lower lip, arching your head back to expose your neck, pursuing out your lips and arching your back to display your cleavage. So these are all turn on the sign.

3.) Whisper Something in His Ear

This method should be a little dirty, a little flirty and lot of tempting. The husky or sexy voice and the closeness of your lips as you whisper slowly and sensually will turn on a guy.

4.) Show Him That You Are Turned On

If he knows that you are turned on then it will be easy to attract him. Your body language will show him that you are fully turned on. So, when you are turned on then you are releasing your pheromones naturally. He will pick up on it and find himself feeling very turned on by you. Allow yourself to be aroused while talking to him.

Other Bold Side of Behavioral Turn Ons:

  • By sending sexy text messages and pictures you can easily turn on a guy.
  • Getting naked in front of him will lustfully allow him to slide inside you.
  • A sensual, soft and feminine voice is a huge turn on for a guy. By making sexy or seductive sounds you can turn on a guy.
  • Wearing sexy dress will do a great job to turn a guy on.

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