Sign a Girl Likes You


Pay attention single guys! Are you looking for dating someone or a girlfriend? But how do you know if a girl likes you? Sometimes girls are shy to tell you about their feelings for you but if you pay attention to the way they act, then you can figure out whether she is interested in you or not. Keep reading this article to know about sign a girl likes you.

Girls have a wide range of physical and emotional tells when they are attracted to a guy. So, girls are very mysterious and it is very difficult to know whether a girl likes you or not. However, she will show her interest in you but just too shy to ask you out. Dating someone new or wondering whether you should ask a girl out can be difficult but don’t worry we have some guidelines by which you will get to know what she thinks about you.

Sign a girl likes you

Sign a Girl Likes You:

1.) Initiate with a Short Chat

When you talk with a girl then listen carefully and be attentive to the things she tells you. Notice special words or hints, if she gives you any signs while talking. All the girls are different. Is she outgoing or shy?

  • Notice her body language. Uncrossed legs, nervous voice, leaning in and dilated pupils are all sign a girl likes you.
  • Another sign is she laughs at your stupid and boring jokes.
  • One of the sign a girl likes you is that she may not be able to look you straight in your eyes.
  • Notice her smile. If a girl is interested in you, then she smiles immediately when you start a conversation with her.

2.) Watch for Signs of Flirting

It is difficult to read when a girl is flirting. Fun loving girls may flirt with boys who they consider being just friends. Most girls do not like to be obvious as they have a fear of rejection. If you like a girl, then never flirt with other girls. If she sees that you are putting your arm around another girl or sees you hugging another girl then she will start trying to like you.

3.) Check for Random Hugs

A hug is very openly and permissible affectionate way of getting closer to you and touching you unnecessarily. You can also hug her if you want like you can just act like you are late for an appointment and can hug her in a rush. Hugging is very common sign a girl likes you.

4.) Notice if She Accidentally Bumps into You

This trick is ancient and tried as it is a way of touching you delicately and noticing how responsive you are. If she touches you a lot then you are probably on the right track. When she bumps into you, act casual and say ‘No Worries’.

  • Not all girls feel comfortable to touch you. In this case, if she doesn’t touch you that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. She may be nervous or shy to touch you.
  • There are other ways of touching also such as she can lightly hit you above the head, or can punch you softly.

5.) Observe the Way in Which She Looks at You

If she likes you, she will look at you for a long time or pull away immediately when you make eye contact with her. If she pulls away immediately that means she is nervous or she is not ready to reveal her true intentions but she still likes you. If she gazes at you constantly, that means she is confident and she cannot make the first move. When you glance at the girl and she will stare back at you that is a sign a girl likes you.

6.) Look at Her Friends

  • If you see or notice most of her friends looking back at you and smiling or giggling, then probably she may have told her friends about you. In some cases, a friend is bold enough to tell you that her friend likes you.
  • When she is talking with her friends and you come suddenly then she might stop talking. This likely means that they were talking about you in recently ended conversation.

7.) Body Language

Body language is the most important category from which you will get to know whether a girl or guy likes you or not. The way a woman stand, sits and moves when you are around can be the biggest way to know what she is thinking. If you are chatting with a girl in a bar or restaurant, then look for some hints.

  • She starts leaning towards you.
  • She will not cross her legs.
  • She smiles when you start talking with her.
  • She will hug you randomly.
  • She will accidentally bump into you.
  • She will find excuses to touch you.
  • She will turn her hips/ torso towards you.
  • She will touch or bite her lips.
  • She will dress up for you when she knows she see you or meet you. If you comment on her appearance then she will act surprisingly.
  • She will play with her hair while talking to you.

8.) Other Behavior or Digital Flirting

If a girl is with a group of friends then pay attention to them also. Sometimes a girl can test you by finding out that you are flirting with her friends or not. So be polite and friendly but don’t flirt with her friends. If you notice her friends are glancing at you and smiling then she has probably told them that she likes you. If she is trying to carry something heavy things or looks like she need help then help her. Girls use social media and texting to flirt or shows her interest in someone she likes. Here are some ways that a girl will try to flirt with you.

  • She will send you a link to a video or article you talked about before.
  • Listening to bands or music you like so that you will notice.
  • She will tag you often in posts or like your every post.
  • She will send you messages randomly to start a conversation.
  • She will send you lots of smiley faces and winky faces.

9.) Notice the Little Things

If she likes you then she will be there for you when you need help like when you are thirsty then she offers you a sip of her drink. But don’t assume that she likes you only from one experience. Ask her for small things like a pen or chewing gum and notice how she reacts. If she is always ready to give you something you might need then proceed further and ask her to help you in the college or work problem. Sometimes some girls can say that they don’t know how to help you with a challenging problem. If she has the eagerness to help you then probably she likes you.

10.) Avoid Over-Analyzing Her Behavior

The most important thing is to avoid over analyzing her behavior. Doing so may result in simply winning her over instead of getting to know her as a person. Rather than spending lots of time in determining whether she like you or not, just take opportunities every time to spend time with her and her friends. Starting off as a friend gives you a chance to go on a more real level. But make sure to make your intentions clear or else you will become permanently “friend-zoned”.


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