In this article, we are going to give you step by step instructions on how to kiss? Whether you are a girl or guy, it seems quite tough to you to go for a kiss. It is possible that you may be hesitant and wanted to execute your first kiss perfectly. If you are in a relationship then you are probably thinking of kissing your partner. You don’t need to worry about it. Kissing someone is not that tough as it seems to you. Once you know the basics and techniques of kissing, you will get enough confidence to proceed. There are different styles of kisses. But a passionate kiss can deliver your emotions more accurately than a thousand words could have done. Read on to know more about the dos and don’ts of a kiss and make your first kiss memorable.

How to Kiss

Learn How to Kiss Well:

1) Freshen Up Your Breath Before Kissing

It is important to check if you have bad breath or not before you go for kissing someone. It is a common problem among people and you should consider it. It is better to brush up your teeth before going on a date so that your gums and teeth smell good. You may use mouth freshener too to prevent bad breath. These problems are seriously the game spoiler. It could ruin your special moment. Even if you are a good kisser but you have the bad breath then it won’t be of any use. Practice self-awareness and get rid of this problem.

2) Step into the Right Moment to Kiss Someone

Just wait for the right moment before kissing someone. It is obviously going to be really special for both you and your partner. It can happen at the end of your first date, or after few meetings. A kiss is like an ice-breaker so it gives a new meaning to your relationship. Either a kiss can make you feel everything or it may make you feel nothing. Thus, a kiss plays a very important role in making or breaking a relationship. Although, you should not increase your waiting period for so long that your partner starts to think that whether you are interested in them…or the other sex (lol).

3) Go Closer to Initiate a Kiss

You should make a physical contact by touching your partner’s face with your hands or by just hugging them. Come closer to your partner just like you are leaning towards them. You can softly touch the back of their shoulder or neck. If this is the first time when you are touching them, then limit it to “safer zones”. Otherwise, it may look like you are doing a whole body search. The closer you are to them the more comfortable you will be while kissing them. A kiss is a very cute expression of your love to them. So, make them feel comfortable.

4) Make Eye Contact to Kiss Someone

Eye contact is important to build trust between partners. By holding them close to you, make eye contact with them. It gives an indication that you want a kiss or you are going to kiss them. Eyes can communicate your feelings to your partner. You should gaze softly and deeply in the eyes of your partner. It can send a message to them about how you feel for them like “I care for you”, “I want to kiss you”, etc. Above all, gazing into each other’s eyes can be one of the most romantic things to do and it helps in building great sense of understanding between you two.

5) Close Your Eyes

Right before kissing your partner, close your eyes. Move your lips closer to their lips. Open eyes can create distractions and prevent you from concentrating on the kiss. In order to feel the kiss, keep your eyes closed. Moreover, your other senses work better when you close your eyes. You will hear the breathing of your partner more clearly if you close your eyes. The feel of touch will be intensified too. Keep your eyes closed as long as the kiss lasts. Slightly tilt your head to an angle so that you enter into a comfortable position to kiss your partner. Moreover, it is a bad idea to bump your nose to their nose.

6) Don’t Force Yourself

While kissing someone you should be calm and controlled. It shouldn’t look like you are imposing yourself on your partner. Give them their space and proceed with the kiss slowly. Both of you should be enjoying it. But, don’t try to control yourself too much. Let, it happen on its own. Applying extra efforts could nullify the magic of that moment. Do not breathe using your mouth as it may look awkward. Use your nose for it. You should not keep your lips puckered or pressed while kissing someone.

7) Control Saliva Outflow

You should try to keep your saliva outflow in a limit. You are not supposed to create a whole river of your saliva flowing under your chin. It could be gross to your partner. Similarly, go easy with your tongue. Try not to lick the whole face of your partner with your tongue. It may irritate them too. Moreover, you may behave more romantically without adding this licking thing to your kiss.

 8) Use Your Hands

Your hands can accompany you well when you are kissing your partner. Place them on their neck or head or just use them to hold near to you. Best use of your hands can make your kiss even better and memorable. Try to tease your partner by tangling their hair with your fingers and pulling them away.

9) Try French Kiss

You may try French kiss on your partner. In French kiss, the tongue is used prominently. You should use your tongue to sweep it over your partner’s lower lip. Place your tongue inside your partner’s mouth and touch his/her tongue in order to tickle it gently. Give light strokes with your tongue if your partner is responding well. With greater understanding, you may mix different styles together. You just need to vary the speed, pressure and intensity of the kiss to enjoy it in a better way.

10) Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity in a kiss can make it more passionate and enjoyable. You may surprise your partner with a kiss when he/she is least expecting it. Hold your partner from behind and then proceed to kiss him/her. However, it can go well if both of you have a great sense of understanding. Don’t try it on your first date.

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