How to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating?


In this article, we will tell you how to ask a girl out if she is already dating. You may find a girl very much interesting and you may have fallen for her. She has a boyfriend and you are totally confused whether you can ask her to go out with you or not. You are out of ideas on how to ask her to go out with you. You may get rejected and may get banned from her life if she is into that guy completely. You need to decide whether it is worth taking a risk or not. Well, you can follow several tips which may guide you on how to ask that girl to go out with you.

How to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

Best Ways to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating:

1) Know How Serious is Her Relationship

You should be one of her friends to ask this out about her relationship. You can’t directly ask her if this relationship means anything to you. She may get offended and may thrash you for the same. You should befriend her first to enquire about her personal life. After that, ask her casually if she is looking forward to marry that guy. She may get surprised a little but she may tell you how seriously she is dating with this guy. If she is too serious for him then you should walk off from her life.

2) Flirt with Her to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

You may become a little flirty to grab her attention. You may keep yourself around her as much as you can. Give her mischievous smiles. You may give compliments to her about her dressing sense and tell her that she has a nice smile. At times, you may touch her casually like while laughing on a topic you may pat her on her shoulder. She may think that you like her and hence, you may ask her if she wants to have a cup of coffee with you.

3) Know Her to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

First of all, you should be clear in your mind whether you like her in reality or not. Be clear, if she is the girl whom you want to make your girlfriend. Get to know her likes and dislikes and assess whether you can have a relationship with her. You need to know every answer of these questions because you are going to snatch her from somebody. You should be careful and sensible as well. Your minor mistake can be major for someone.

4) Check Her Social Media Profile to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

You may get the idea about her relationship with that guy on her social media profile. She may have posted pictures with that guy friend. You can go through her posts too to analyse what is the depth of her relationship. You may make advancement when she may be going through a rough patch in her relationship. However, don’t say anything particular about that topic otherwise, she may know that you are snooping on her.

5) Acknowledge Her Relationship to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

You should not offend her by saying something bad about her boyfriend. Rather, you can appreciate the fact that she is happy with her boyfriend. You may tell her that you want to know her in a better way and you two can go to a restaurant to have dinner together. She may not find anything wrong in it as you are aware of the fact that she has a boyfriend. She will treat you like a friend but that’s fine in the beginning.

6) Give Her Your Number to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

You may give her your number and text her often to make a close connection. She may fall for you if things go in right direction or if she is not that serious for her relationship. However, if she is not responding well and telling you that she is happy with her boyfriend then you may leave her. Tell her that she can contact you once she gets single again in future.

7) Respect Her to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

You should respect her relationship with that guy. You are no one to condemn her relationship. Moreover, you want her to be your girlfriend and it will happen only if she has got feelings for you. For this, you should portray the best behaviour of yours in front of her. If at all, you have an encounter with her boyfriend then don’t argue with him.

8) Don’t get Friend-Zoned to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

You may get friend-zoned by her. So, don’t get happy if she shares your worries and hopes with you. She may be seeing you as her friend. She may mention it sometimes that you are just a friend to her. Then, you may break off with her if you want her as your girlfriend. However, if she flirts with you then she may be getting interested in you. You may take it as a positive sign and ask her to go out with you. She may not refuse your proposal.

9) Don’t Let Her Cheat on Her Boyfriend to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

You should not let her cheat on her boyfriend. She may get attracted to you but without breaking up with her partner she should not be with you all the time. Tell her that she should break up with her boyfriend if she is not interested in him anymore. Moreover, you can’t trust a girl who is cheating on her partner. You may get cheated as well in future.

10) Don’t Chase Her to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already Dating

You should not chase her to take her out with you. If she is happy with her boyfriend then let it be. She may refuse to go out with you saying that she already has a boyfriend. It is really frustrating to listen to this answer every now and then. So, it is better to leave her in her own world. You should move on and look for some other girl.

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