How to Hug a Guy?


A hug is the loveliest feeling one can ever have with doing nothing. Hugging also tends to remove pressure and make a person feel good. The way you love it when your hugs you same way he will love it as well if you will hug your guy or hug any guy. If you want to show your guy that you love him or want to make your guy feel loved then no gesture can be better than hugging a guy. If you think that all hugs are pretty same then you are wrong. A hug can differ according to what is in your mind and what relationship you have with the guy. To hug a guy determine your relationship with the guy if he is your friend then you should be a bit careful while hugging him. And if the guy is your boyfriend then you do not have to worry about anything as your hug will only make him feel good.

How to Hug a Guy?

Steps to Hug a Guy

1. Look Into His Eyes

Hugging is a great moment and it can give great pleasure when you hug anyone. Hugging is a process which starts with eyes. It starts the moment you look into the person’s eye you wanna hug. To have a great hugging pleasure you need to look into your partner’s eye and create the perfect moment. To hug someone look deep into his eyes and create the magical moment. It will help you to overcome the hesitation and will also give the guy signal that you are ready for a hug.

2. Smile to Hug a Guy

A smile is the best gesture to make anyone feel welcomed and to appear friendly. If you want to hug a guy smile while you look at him as your blank face will not be a good sign to initiate a hug. A smile can also make the atmosphere lighter and act as a catalyst in creating the mood to hug. Your smile will make you appear friendly and the boy whom you want to hug will also feel like hugging you. Many times boys want to hug but because of your reaction they tend to fear to do the initiative. A smile can make you appear friendly and might help him to initiate the hug.

3. Initiate The Touch

Breaking the touch barrier is very important to hug a guy. If you want to hug a guy first make some physical touch. You can touch his hand to sit close to him to make the hugging process easier. To make a guy you or to hug a guy first you have to be comfortable enough with him to get comfortable you need to get over the touch barrier. While talking you can put your hand on his shoulder to make him feel that you are not that shy and he can consider hugging you.

4. Put Arms Around Him

Put your arms around the guy to make him comfortable with you. You can hug a guy once you both get enough comfortable with each other put your arms around him to make him feel comfortable. Putting your arm around him will make him feel that you both are close enough to initiate a hug. Either if you want to hug a guy who is your friend or to hug to hug your boy who is your boyfriend you can enact this for both. When you want to hug a guy you will have to set what do you want from this relationship if you want to hug your friend then you can keep the hug light and also keep the duration short. If you want to make the guy feel that you want more than friendship then you should increase the duration of your hug and you can also hug him tightly.

5. Wrap Arm Around Him

If you want to hug a guy who is more than a friend or if you want to hug your boyfriend then wrap your arm around him. It will bring you both closer and you will get a better chance to initiate the hug. Wrap arm around him to make him aware of your feelings that you want to hug him. It will also make him initiate the hug. You can even wrap your arm around his neck or around his waist. Arm around his neck will bring you both closer to a great extent and that position will be a lot convenient to hug a guy.

6. Stay For a While to Hug a Guy

Now hug the guy and stay for a while in that position. Stay for a while till you feel comfortable and then do not get back immediately as it will spoil the effect of a hug. In case you are hugging your boyfriend or someone more than a friend then stay a little bit longer in the position of a hug, it will create the chemistry between you both. You need to decide your motive and your relationship with the guy whom you want to hug.

7. Start Small When it Comes to a Hug 

Not all hugs are meant to be grand and passionate. Sometimes, it is better to keep things short and simple and for the initial stage, start with small hugs. For instance, when you want to get the best way on how to hug your boyfriend or even a guy friend, depending upon the type of relationship you have with him. Try to show him how much he means to you but in a friendly manner.

You can give him a small hug with lots of emotions. Wrapping your arms around him and relaxing will unveil all the emotions, eventually making it a perfect friendly hug, that will last for a couple of seconds before you let him go. If the hug is longer than a few seconds, your guy friend might get the feeling that you want something more than just being friends, especially if he has a crush on you, and you don’t know about that. This will leave him liking you at the end.

8. Different Ways to Hug

There are more ways to hug than the conventional one. You can different ways to hug a guy according to your relationship or your motives which you want to achieve. The different ways which can be used to hug a guy are as follows.

  • Hug From Back; You can hug a guy from the back. You can slowly slide your arm towards him from the back and wrap your arm around his chest. This is a romantic way to hug and a very great one as well. you can do this to make a guy feel special he will definitely love it.
  • Light Hug (For Friends); To hug a friend keep your hug gentle and light. A tight hug may mislead your feelings to him. If you do not have any other feeling for him than friendship then keep your hug light.
  • Tight Hug (BF); If you want to show a guy that he is special to you more than a friend or if you want to hug your boyfriend then keep the hug tight. Ribs cracking hugs are also a great way to show your love to you guy. This hug will make your guy feel special and it will increase your bond.

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