How to Keep a Boyfriend?


In this article, we will tell you how to keep a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend now and you are trying to hold onto him so that your relationship flourishes. You like him a lot and do not want to lose him. It is necessary to take care of certain points to make it happen. When you are in a relationship then you need to put some genuine efforts to make it run smoothly. If you take it for granted then you may face some unwanted situations like a breakup. You may follow some important tips which we are providing you in this article to carry on with your boyfriend for longer.

How to Keep a Boyfriend

 Best Ways to Keep a Boyfriend:

1) Be Genuinely Interested in Him to Keep a Boyfriend

You should show him that you are genuinely interested in your boyfriend. Make him feel wanted. Share your experiences and memories with him. You should take good care of him and respond to his feelings actively. He may trust you more than anyone else and you should respect it. It is obvious that you two are in love with each other so relish each and every moment of your relationship and build strong bonding. Make him interested in you too.

2) Do Exciting Things to Keep a Boyfriend

You should add some excitement and thrill to your relationship to keep it sustained for a longer time. After all, it is only memories which last forever. You can go for hiking, trekking, hot air ballooning with your boyfriend. You may at least go to an amusement park and have fun with your partner. These moments which you spend together while doing these exciting things make your relationship interesting and happening. So, keep yourself on your nerves and be ready to add something thrilling in your life with your boyfriend.

3) Display Your Affection to Keep a Boyfriend

You should let him know that you are deeply in love with him. You may show your affection in a subtle way like holding hands while walking along the street. Giving him a light kiss on his cheeks every now and then may make him feel loved. Hug him every time you meet him with excitement. Wear a smile on your face to greet him and make eye contact often. He may like to see you happy with him.

4) Speak His ‘Love Language’ to Keep a Boyfriend

You should know what ‘love language does your boyfriend speak. Every individual has a different way to communicate their love to others. There are basically five love languages according to Gary Chapman- words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical contact. You can make him feel loved by altering your way of showing affection according to his preferred love language. For instance, if he likes to spend quality time with you then you should plan a weekend getaway with him.

5) Give Him Freedom to Keep a Boyfriend

You should give enough freedom to your boyfriend so that he does not feel encaged. He is in a relationship with you but it doesn’t mean that he does not have his own life. He can do whatever he wants to do. You should not be a controlling or possessive girlfriend to keep your boyfriend. He may feel suffocated if you do so. Give him space and take out some time for your friends too.

6) Compliment Him to Keep a Boyfriend

You can receive compliments from him but you should give compliments to him as well. He has got all the rights to feel good about himself. You can take the opportunity to praise his sense of dressing, praise his new hairstyle, etc. You can appreciate his efforts in making you happy and satisfied. Acknowledge his actions and motivate him to continue the good work.

7) Cook for Him to Keep a Boyfriend

You may cook for your boyfriend occasionally to show how much you care for him. Moreover, if you are good at it then you may keep him intact by satisfying his palate every time. It is truly said that way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. If you are capable enough to keep his tummy happy then he will never go losing you. However, if you are not a pro then you may at least try to cook something for him. He may definitely appreciate it.

8) Don’t Flirt with Other Guys to Keep a Boyfriend

Flirting with other guys may seem exciting to you but it can hurt your boyfriend’s sentiments. You should avoid doing it in front of him. It can be disrespecting and embarrassing for your boyfriend. He may feel left out and may think that you are just not into him completely. When you are not with him then you can flirt a little with other guys. He may not bother about it. It is not out of jealousy that he doesn’t like this flirting thing but it is something related to his male ego.

9) Have a Good Sense of Humour to Keep a Boyfriend

You should laugh a lot and make him laugh too to keep things rolling between you two. It is always an icing on cake to get a girlfriend who can be funny at times and can use her wit to solve complex things. You can be one by improving your sense of humour. You just need to think of some situation or person to make things interesting. You can even crack a joke to make the moment lighter.

10) Be Romantic to Keep a Boyfriend

You can be a romantic partner to make him happy and feel loved. You can arrange a romantic date for both of you. You may plan his birthday party and don’t forget to invite his friends. Make a collage of pictures which are close to your heart and get it printed on a poster. You can dance with him on the most romantic song of his choice. These small moments can be very precious and meaningful for a relationship to flourish.

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