How to Kiss a Boy?

In this article, we are going to give you some tips and tricks on how to kiss a boy? If you are in a relationship then you will probably want to take it to another level. You can do this by kissing your boy with so much passion that he cannot forget it ever. You should be a great kisser to make him attracted towards you and make him like you more. Moreover, your boyfriend will get amazed if you take the initiative for an intimate kiss. It is a lot easier than you might have thought. A passionate kiss can deliver your emotions more accurately than a thousand words could do. Read on to know more about that perfect kiss and how to execute it like a pro.

How to Kiss a Boy

Tips on How to Kiss a Boy:

1) Look Kissable Before Kissing a Boy

Before going on a date with him just make sure that you are looking pretty. You should wear something in which you feel comfortable and confident. Do not apply heavy makeup on your face. A little makeup and only a light stroke of lip balm on your lips will be enough for the day. Lipstick can leave unwanted marks on your boyfriend’s lips. So, do not apply it in any case. Your lip balm will do all the magic for you. Keep your tresses away from your face or it may spoil the whole game by interrupting you two in between a kiss.

2) Get Closer to Him

This is the first step to execute a perfect kiss which lasts its impression for a lifetime. In order to kiss a boy, start staring at his lips. Slow down your conversation. Lean towards him. You should go a little closer to him. The closer you are to him the more comfortable you will be while kissing him. In a few minutes, your boyfriend will certainly come to know “what’s up”. Keep it intimate and full of passion then only, both of you will be enjoying it.

3) Go Slowly While Kissing a Boy

If you are leaning towards him to initiate a kiss and he is leaning towards you too then keep your pace a little slow. You can even let him take the lead. Just touch his lips slowly and wait for him to apply pressure on your lips. Keep in mind that you are not stiffing your lips by pursing or puckering it. Your boyfriend may not like to kiss a stiff wall. Leave your lips soft and little parted. It will be easily accessible for your partner and gives a delicate and softer feeling.

4) Close Your Eyes While Kissing a Boy

Move your lips closer to his lips and close your eyes. You may not want to keep it open while kissing. So, just close them before locking your lips. You can keep your eyes closed as long as the kiss lasts. As it ends, pull yourself away a bit and open your eyes. You may tilt your head to an angle so that it becomes more comfortable for both of you to kiss each other again. It is not a good idea to bump your nose to his nose.

5) Use Your Lower Lip to Kiss a Boy

You need to act gently while going for a kiss. So, don’t pucker your lips ever like you do when you kiss your grandmother. This kiss should be mature enough to give a lasting impression. For this, leave your lips loose and relaxed. Breathe in and out using your nostrils. Do not breathe through your mouth. Use your lower lip to give a soft massage on his lips.

6) Keep Your Kiss Short 

It is better to keep your first kiss short. It should not last longer than 20 seconds. You may try a longer one next time. It is just an ice breaker and you may not want it to be much longer as you are new to it. You can shower few more short kisses after your first kiss if both of you are infatuated to a greater extent. Keep looking into his eyes while giving short grazing kisses. This will definitely become a memorable moment for both of you.

7) Put Your Hands to Good Use While Kissing a Boy

Use your hands while kissing your boyfriend. Don’t let it lying here and there. You may place it on his chest, hips, and shoulders or on the sides of his face. You may use your hands to execute a better kiss. Tangle his hair on your fingers and pull him closer to you. You can rest your hand on his neck and can massage him gently.

8) Mix Things Up to Kiss a Boy

When you get used to kissing a boy then you may mix different styles together. Keep varying the pace, pressure and intensity of the kiss to enjoy it in a better way. You can make it more interesting if you keep changing the motion of your lips. Just avoid settling for a technique for too long. It may look boring and less passionate. Don’t try to French kiss him if it’s your first time as it can go sour.

9) Give Him a Smile After The Kiss

After kissing your boyfriend, look him in the eyes and give him a smile. He may be smiling with a glow in his eyes and he may be blushing too. If he liked the kiss then he will surely affirm it with his smile. In response to his smile, you should smile back to convince him that he did a great job. Do not pull away your hands if they are still around him. It may look awkward if you just pull them away after a kiss. Keep them there for some seconds before pulling back.

10) Say Something to Compliment Him (If You Feel Like it)

Before parting from your boyfriend say something nice about him. It could be anything like he did it well, the kiss was very passionate and you can also propose him if you haven’t done it yet. Next time, he may proceed to kiss you and you should be ready for it. Keep practicing your techniques to kiss a boy and with time, you can be a good kisser.

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