How to Know If a Girl Likes You?

Video: Naija Guy Fucking A Facebook Girl He Tricked And She is Crying ( watch )
Video: Naija Guy Fucking A Facebook Girl He Tricked And She is Crying ( watch )

We all know Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus which makes it a lot tougher for a gender to know how other gender thinks and wants also it is very complicated to know their gestures many times. Sometimes it leads to miscommunication between both genders. To know each other all you need to be a good observer. Observe what makes them blush what make them smile and how they react when they  are happy or sad. Observing a girl tell a lot about her than any words would ever say. Remember words often mislead but gesture and body language tells you right what is in the mind. It is probably one of the very difficult tasks to know if a girl likes you or not.

Knowing the subconscious things which she does or the subtle hints which she gives you can help you to know what she actually wants or does she really like you? Girls give a vast array of emotional and physical hints when they are attracted to a boy. You need to read her eyes as people’s eyes are the gateway to their soul. Observing her eyes would tell you way more than you need to know. Her subtle hints are enough for you to know what is in her heart and how much you are important in her life. How to know if a girl likes you? Look for the signs in a girl to know if a girl likes you or not?

How to Know If a Girl Likes You

These are Signs to Know if a Girl Likes You:

1.) She Treats You Differently:

When you guys hang out in a group or have meet ups in any group then you have the best opportunity to know whether she likes you or not. Look for her reaction towards everyone and compare it with yours. Does she treat you differently? Is she making a lot of eye contact and purposely trying to be with you or sitting close to you? Or paying full attention to you? If your answer is yes to all these then these are a great sign to know if a girl likes you or not.

2.) She Initiates a Conversation Every Time:

Even if you forget to message her after her regular texting and she still messages you. Well, it doesn’t count for few times but if this goes for a long time and she doesn’t forget to message you then it may be a good sign that she is into you. Well, you can’t be 100% sure at this stage but the chances are great. The conversation seems an easy piece of cake you do not need to always put the topic on the desk she may also start a conversation.

2.) She Initiates Physical Touch:

It can mean two things either you guys are a great friend or if you are not, then look for her involvement with other guy friends around her. If she treats you differently than them then she is totally into you. Does she tries to be close to you or touches you accidentally? To know if a girl likes you or not look does she pats your shoulder very often and hold on your arm, come close to smell your cologne? These all are again great signs that she may like you more than just friends.

3.) She Shares Secrets:

If this girl really likes you then, your conversations won’t always remain at the same level. She will start telling you about her if she will trust you. You won’t just know what    her favorite movie is but you would also know what some of her biggest goals and dreams are. If she isn’t afraid to reveal the more personal stuff to you, it means she trusts you. With women, trust is not something freely or easily given so if she is sharing her personal stuff then you probably are very important to her.

4.) She Mentions You in Her Future Events:

When a girl includes you in her plans for the future, it means she wants you there with her. Wanting you in her future means you are important to her and she likes you to be a part of her life.

If she mentions you in front of her parents, girlfriends or bestie, then she has special space for you in her heart. It is said when you want to impress a girl impress her best friend. A girl’s best friend always knows everything about the person she wants to go out with. If she mentions you in front of her friends it means they know you and you are not just an ordinary random guy which she talks daily. Mentioning you in front of her parents is a way bigger step, if she mentions you in front of her parents it means she trusts you a lot and really likes you as a person.

5.) She Tries to Know You:

When a girl wants to know about you or your things you like is a very strong point in your favor. Has she ever tried talking about your favorite football team even though she never watched football before? Or has she tried to accompany you to your favorite baseball match even though she hates the game? Damn!! What else you need the man? She is totally into you. Now all you need to do is to ask her out.

6.) Laughs at Your Poor Jokes:

She laughs at your stupid and silliest jokes, nobody likes a lame humor and it is not easy to make people laugh in this world but your jokes make her laugh but nobody else. If you succeed in making her smile at your silly jokes then yes she might be interested in you. So, if you want to know that she is into you then you should try using this trick crack stupid joke and notice her reactions. Her reaction would the answer of your question.

7.) She Never Says Never:

Yes, if she never says never to you then probably you are the one in her heart. Have you ever asked her to do something for you? Something which probably everyone else would have denied but she did it. This is a great sign to know that she likes you.

8.) She Looks for Your Reaction:

Every time her eyes search out for your reaction. She keeps on looking for your reaction no matter whatever the reason may be. If she asks for your advice on anything like if she wants to get comments on her looks or when everyone else compliments her she still asks about your reaction. How you react is very important to her on any topic, it might be about the dress or any small to major things in her life.

Observing her and keeping track for these tips would definitely lead you to know how much importance you have in her life and whether she likes you or not?

Check out this video, it might help you to know more on this topic.

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Video: Naija Guy Fucking A Facebook Girl He Tricked And She is Crying ( watch )

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