How to Make Out With a Girl?


As soon as you love a girl, the thought of making out comes into your head. Making out with a girl is an art that comes with experience. For making out session, it is important to set the mood. Making out is the time to enjoy each other in a passionate way. Making out is about kissing passionately or romantically. It is also about touching and being close to each other. The importance of making out is it strengthens your connection and takes you to the next level of your relationship and makes you both the best couple. Every relationship requires it at a different time and you need to watch the signs in both yourself and in her to know when the time is right. Sometimes you don’t know how to initiate or how to make out? Here, in this article, follow some easy steps to make out with a girl.

How to Make Out With a Girl

Best Ways to Make Out with a Girl:

1.) Set the Mood to Make Out

  • Before making out session, it is important to create a sexy atmosphere. If she sees anything dirty around you, she is not supposed to kiss you. Set up some flowers, some candles, and some wine.
  • Looking good is also important. Just wear jeans and a T-shirt. Let the girl see that you have put some effort into your appearance.
  • Finding a good or comfortable place is also important to make out with a girl. Good places to start are in a car, on a couch, or even under the stars.
  • Turn on a romantic music which sparks a lot. Try to play the music which your girl likes.

2.) Flirt with a Girl

To start a make out session, it is important to lead up first. Moving directly in the direction of kissing can be a little awkward if you don’t know what you are doing. Flirting is quite easy to make a girl fun. You can flirt by joking around, teasing, dancing or wrestling. Do it lightly, don’t do too much. Try to make some physical contact before you kiss her. Pretend to dance with a girl to make her laugh or gently touch her.

3.) Pull Her Toward You to Make Out with a Girl

  • While flirting, look into girl’s eyes and smile a little and let her know that you want to kiss her.
  • Lean your body towards hers and gently pull her chin towards yours. Keep your mouth in a natural position and don’t pucker up your lips.
  • Bring your lips towards her until they are touching.

4.) Kiss Her to Make Out with a Girl

Kissing is the most passionate part of make out session. To kiss a girl, tilt your head slightly so that your nose doesn’t bump. The more passionately you kiss, the more you enjoy. Take it slow and soft to build a way to kiss her in more intimate ways.

  • While kissing her, keep your hands on her body. Let her feel like you are really embracing her while you are kissing. This is most important part to make out with a girl.

5.) Try Variety of Kisses

Try different types of kisses to keep your making out session interesting. Try French kiss or any other which you know. By keeping it slow, you can make it more passionate. If you both feel comfortable then go on next step, touch her and let her touch you.

  • If you try French kiss, slowly move your tongue into her mouth and let her do the same.
  • You can either touch the tip of your tongue or move your tongue below or above as you explore each other’s mouth.

6.) Kiss Her Neck

The neck is a very sensitive area for many girls. If you kiss the side of the girl’s neck then it will make her go wild. Whether you are lying down, holding her from behind or just facing the girl, lean in to give her a few gentle kisses up and down the side of her neck. It will get her in the mood of kissing you.

7.) Touch Her Hair

While you are kissing a girl, move your hands through the girl’s hair. The scalp is very sensitive part of a girl’s body and she will feel a sexy sensation when you comb her locks. Do it gently and sees how she responds? Either place your hand underneath her hair or run your fingers over the top of her hair and gently feel her neck.

8.) Caress Her Face

This is another way to make out with a girl. Caress her face to get more intimate while you are kissing. Move your hand over the girl’s chin or hold her face in the middle of a passionate kiss. This will make the girl feel more special. Don’t put your hand on her face for the whole time. Simply run your hand over her chin or cheek from time to time.

9.) Let Her Sit on Your Lap

If you are sitting down, then slowly move into sexy position. Place your hands around the girl’s waist so that she can sit on your lap if she feels comfortable. She will most likely sit on your lap and her arms around your neck.

  • The ear is the sensitive part of girls and if you whisper something sexy in her ear then she will be more excited. Whispering in her ear is the good move to make out with a girl.
  • Gently nibble on her ear or kiss the lobe. If she responds well, then take few gentle nibbles on her ear and see how she reacts.

10.) Tease Her

Kiss her for a minute or seconds and when things are getting hot and heavy, pull back and gaze into her eyes as you caress her hair or face. When you pull away, she will definitely want more or it will drive her wild. Don’t try it all the time as it seems cruel. Taking a break is also important while making out. Take some break while French kissing or kissing.

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