How to Stop Loving Someone?


It is indeed one of the most difficult parts to stop loving someone but as nothing is impossible in this world to achieve, it can also be accomplished. When you love someone and they doesn’t love you back then the world seems to stop existing. Pain comes with the rejection but you can control your brain to deviate from it and stop feeling it. To move on with your life and to lead a happy and healthy life in the future you will have to stop loving a person and if you are wondering how it can be done or how to stop loving someone then you are at the right place. Read on further to know most effective ways to stop loving someone.

How to Stop Loving Someone

Ways to Stop Loving Someone

1.) Get Rid of Memories to Stop Loving Someone

Yes, it is the first and foremost effective step to stop loving someone. When you want to forget someone whom you used to love then you need to stop replaying the memories first of all. Well, it is a lot difficult to hold yourself from remembering thinking of happy times spent with your love but to get over it and to forget him or her you have got to do it. You have to face the fact that they do not love you or never loved you, remember this to keep on reminding yourself this when you feel like replaying the memories of his or her. This will give you strength and help you to forget that person. Also, stop imagining your future with the person you love to forget someone you love. Accept the truth and move on.

2.) Get Rid of Reminders

If you will keep on looking at the stuff which will remind you of your lover then even god cannot help you to forget someone you love. You really need to get rid of the stuff which belongs to the person you love. Keeping their stuff will remind you of them now or then. Thus, it is wise to get rid of all pain at once instead of getting mild attacks in between now and then. Anything which you have which reminds you of them will keep you stuck in the loop of memories and to move ahead you need to be free of the things which hold you back. Therefore, if you truly want to forget someone you love first, get rid of the reminders.

3.) Stop Hanging Out

This is also a crucial point if you want to forget someone you love. You will have to stop hanging out with the person whom you want to forget. If you will keep hanging out with the person then you need to get out of their zone. Yes, it is hard to not see someone you love but it will only fetch you pain and sadness. Even if they ask you out give them any excuses not to meet them and once you will get comfortable in your zone then it will be easy to forget someone you love.

4.) Find Someone Better

This is a great idea it will not only help you to forget someone you love but it will also help you to keep happy. No one is perfect is this world and the person you loved also comes under this category. Try finding out their mistakes and there might be many times and many things which would make you have wondered that how could you love that person. Try to find a better person for you which will not have such faults in them which matters to you the most. This will help you to forget someone you love in a better way and you might also get the love of your life.

5.) Go Out with Your Friends

There are people out there who love you and supports you no matter what. Go out and meet your friends and plan a trip with them. When you want to forget something bad then you have to replace it with good memories. Your good friends and family are always there for you and they even love you back you just need to call them once. Do not waste your time getting sad instead go out and have fun and create good memories with your friends it will help you to forget someone you love.

6.) Set a Goal to Stop Loving Someone

Instead of wailing and crying for someone who does not even care about you work for yourself. Do not let your life go aimlessly. Try to achieve something good and love yourself. If you have any ambition to achieve in life work for it. Make yourself a better person and do not do it to impress anyone but just to impress yourself. Do whatever it requires to make you achieve your goal. It will even help you to shift your focus to something worthy. The goal can be anything if you do not want to make big goals then start with small goals set a small goal to achieve and work hard for it. You will feel happy after achieving it and there will be no space for your bad past in your life.

7.) Do What Makes You Happy

This will engage you in staying happy and thus, no time for worries eventually you will automatically forget about someone you love. There might be many or anything which makes you feel happy. Like teasing your sibling, cooking with your mom, long drive with your friends or doing adventure. Do anything which makes you happy or makes you meet people which can make you feel good and blessed. Doing these will keep you busy and inspire you positively. When you stay happy and positive you think every situation in a positive way and you will also feel that everything happens for a good cause. Thus, you will get busy and happy in your life and will forget about the person you love. It is the best and happiest way to forget the someone you love.

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