How to Tell if a Girl Likes You or Interested?


You like a girl and probably she likes you too but how to be sure is the biggest question it would be embarrassing if you will ask her out and she would say no saying that she thinks of you only as a friend. Still, you have to take the risk what if she likes you as well then you will be cloud nine isn’t it? To take the safest way you need to tell if a girl likes you or interested. Well, there are few ways by which you can know that without she telling you directly. To get to know if a girl like you or interested notice hints given by her this way you will also be able to avoid the embarrassing situation. Follow up tips given in this article to tell if a girl likes you or interested.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You or Interested

Steps to Tell if a Girl Likes You or Interested

1.) Her Helping Nature will Tell if a Girl Likes You or Interested

There are various ways by which you can know that a girl likes you or not? When a girl will like you she will try to help you as much as she can. If she tries to help you even when you do not ask for any help then she is definitely interested in you. Even your friends will help you when you will ask them a favour but she will notice by herself that you need any help or not. She will try to keep you happy and will not like to see you sad if she likes you or is interested in you. Check how many times she helps and does she gets worried when you are low or sad? These will help you to tell if a girl likes you or interested.

2.) Notice Her Body Language to Tell if a Girl Likes You or Interested

Body language will tell you a lot that you want to know. Words can misguide if you read correct body language it will reveal the truth. There are numerous body language which you can check out to know if she really like you or not. Few particular body language which you can look for to know her interest are as follows:

  • She stands close to you, when a girl will like you she will try to be with you as much as possible notice how closer she stands to you? When in group, you will find her giving most attention to you. In group also you will see that she is standing with you and paying attention to you the most.
  • She will touch her hair again and again. This a sign which people do when they like someone else. If she likes you then she will caress her hair again and again.
  • She will find reasons to touch you. When someone likes you they will find reason to touch you again and again. She will also not hesitate or get back when you will accidentally touch her she might blush though.
  • Her body will be facing towards you if she likes you. This is a subconscious sign given by a person who is interested in you. Even while talking her body will be leaning towards you.
  • She will also make a lot of eye contact if she is interest in you. Does she looks at you a lot? If yes, then it could be the case that she is interested in you.
  • Smiling makes a girl look perfect. She will definitely try to look perfect when you will be around her. She will smile a lot, like seriously a lot. Check out her smile to tell if a girl likes you or interested.

3.) Wants to Be with You

She will make plans to go out with you wherever and whenever she can. She will make her weekends plan with you. Even if she and girlfriends are going out she will try to invite you with your friends so that she can hang out with you as much as possible. In school or at working place she will try to do those works which you like to do, so that you both can do it together. She could even ask for help to be with you. Find out these sings in her to tell if a girl likes you or interested.

4.) Her Friends Know You Well

This point is very affirmative, to tell if a girl likes you or interested in you look how her friends reacts with you. If they starts giggling when you arrives and it happens every time, or if they become quiet all of a sudden at your arrival then definitely they were talking about you and her friends were teasing her with your name. Her friends will also know a lot of things about you specially her best friend. If these happens a lot then it is a great sign to tell that the girl likes you a lot and is probably interested in you.

5.) She gets Jealous

This point will give you a sure answer. Try to talk to other girls in front of her, compliment other girls but not to her. Do these in front of her and do not forget to catch her reaction. Look if she is getting mad and looking furious? If yes then it is probably because she is getting jealous by your behaviour. To add up compliment her friends and ask them if you can drop them off. Also, try dancing with other girls this will fire her up and she will become a lot jealous. If she becomes jealous then it is sure that she likes you and is interested in you.

6.) Make Future Plans

If a girl will like you she will make future plans with you. Girls do not add anyone in their future plans if she is not serious about them. Has she ever mentioned that she wants to be with you in her any important future event? If yes, then this could be a hint to show you that she likes you a lot and also is interested in you. These signs will help you to know that she like you and is interested in you.

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