What to Text a Girl?


In this article, we will tell you what to text a girl. You may have a lot of thoughts in your mind to share with her but you are too careful to text her any of those. This uncertainty of yours piles up a trail of thoughts at the back of your mind and you get confused. If you don’t want to be the topic of conversation on girl’s night out because of your dumb and out-of-the-box texts then you should follow certain tips which you can find in this article. Inculcate these texting ideas while chatting with a girl to get her attracted to you.

What to Text a Girl

Top Tips to Follow to Text a Girl:

1) Be Witty to Text a Girl

You just have to make a girl think that you are so amazing to hang out with. Obviously, she hasn’t given you her number just to have a small chat with you every day. She may have liked you and hence she would have given you her number. Now, you have to make the best use of it. The first text is really important and you should keep it funny and interesting. You can tell her that she was totally rocking in that blue dress, that dress could have caused mass destruction and hence she may be keeping it at some secret place so that CIA won’t find it. She may feel something special for you definitely.

2) Be Friendly to Text a Girl

You can be much friendlier to her while sending her texts. She may find it engaging and she may develop a connection with you. Suppose, she may have forgotten her charger in your car then she may ask you about it. You can just reply her that your car is obliged to give her a ride and now it is taking good care of her charger as well. She may find it a friendly approach and will like to see you soon. Add some creativity to your text for making her fall for you.

3) Don’t Do it Frequently to Text a Girl

You should take care of the frequency of your texts to her. It shouldn’t hint her that you are too much available to chat with her. You can be taken as a needy or desperate guy. Thus, take your time to get in touch with her. However, you should not reduce your texting frequency to that limit so that she gets bored and loses interest in you.

4) Choose Correct Words to Text a Girl

You may make her feel offended if you fail to choose the correct word to express your feelings. Well, while texting you just have to use words and emoticons to say what you feel. Your mood and tone can’t be recognized by the person chatting with you if you aren’t using correct words. Thus, be specific and clear in your approach to chat with a girl.

5) Be Mysterious to Text a Girl

You can text her mysteriously to make her interested in your conversation. Do not tell everything about yourself at once. Take time to show her the different colours of your character. You may tease her by not revealing your identity if she doesn’t has your number. You can be dramatic and creative while introducing yourself. Girls like to see spontaneity and creativity in a guy. Keep her enchanted with your writing skills.

6) Talk about Her Interests to Text a Girl

You may get to know about her interests and likings. You can discover more by being friendly and caring. You can tell her about your interests but only if she asks for it. Don’t be a say-it-all- guy. Otherwise, you may seem to her as a boring and predictable guy. Catch up with her if she is going to a concert or an event. She may get closer to you if you spend time with her.

7) Be Playful to Text a Girl

If you want to attract a girl then you should show her how playful you are. You can text her that you are going somewhere in the evening and she can join you. She may tell you that she has work to do. Then you may tell her that she is missing the golden opportunity to spend a ravishing evening with a guy like you. She may get impressed by your playfulness and may join you in the evening.

8) Choose Right Time to Text a Girl

She may feel it annoying if you text her at any odd time. She may be going through a rough patch of life. You can confirm it if she is not responding well to your texts. In this case, avoid texting her too much. You can just ask about her well being at the beginning of the day. She may reply to you when she is not busy or when her mood is fine.

9) Try Role Play to Text a Girl

You can do something really exciting like role playing with that girl over text. You can interchange each other’s personality just to start with. You may text her like you are that girl and vice-versa. In this way, both of you may be having a lot of fun. You may get to know what she thinks about you when she may be enacting your role. Similarly, you can try out some other role plays like be her mother, father or brother and text her something really funny. She may definitely enjoy it and you may enter into her good books.

10) Be Direct to Text a Girl

You don’t need to beat around the bushes to tell her that you like her. Say it directly. She may appreciate it. You can text her that you are interested in her and want to meet her somewhere. If she is not playing a game with you then she may definitely come to meet you. You can be flirty to charm her. Give her compliments and let her know what you feel about her. She may like to hear it from you firstly.

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