How to Attract Women?


Every guy wants to attract women. Attraction happens instantly. When you are in a bar or restaurant then suddenly a beautiful girl come and give you the eye across the room. When you see a girl then interest and curiosity develop. Or you know a woman who has an amazing personality, nice body, and beautiful face. Now you want to attract this woman but how? Attracting women are simple, logical and straightforward. Well, the most important thing you should know is men get attracted to the opposite sex because of their beauty while women get attracted to men because of their amazing and charming personality. Women want a man with lots of self- confidence and take control attitude in life. So here are some amazing tips that will help you to attract women.

How to attract women

Best Ways to Attract Women:

1.) Be Confident

The best way to getting women to like you is to love yourself. If you are not happy with who you are, then the women around you are not impressed.

  • Improve your best attributes whether it is a sense of humor or ability to open up to anyone. Emphasize these attributes whenever you meet someone first time.
  • Work on your flaws. Nobody is perfect in this world. You can become a good person by putting effort to improve yourself.
  • Confidence is the main key to attract someone you like. If you are too pleased with yourself, then you may become arrogant which is not good.
  • Try to make fun of yourself. By making the occasional joke about yourself will show that you are a cool guy.

2.) Be Comfortable to Attract Women

Be happy with your looks. You don’t need to be a body builder to get a healthy body. Going to the gym will improve your muscle tone, cardio, and your self-confidence. Dress up well. Wear clean shirts, shoes, well fitting pants and amazing perfume. Making the effort to look handsome will show the women that you make an effort in other parts of your life too.

3.) Love Your Work

If you want to attract women, then you should be happy with how you spend your time. If you are not happy with your studies or job, it will post the negative attitude. Women don’t like this attitude. Love your job or studies as much as possible. Make good relation with your co-workers and with your friends in schools, college or office.

4.) Be Cultured to Attract Women

Women will be attracted to a more cultured man. If you see the things outside of your perspective and you are a man of the world, then women get attracted to such type of person.

  • By learning new languages like French or Italian you can impress any women.
  • Reading a wide variety of books will help you to discuss with the ladies.
  • Travel as much as you can so that you can learn a lot about the world. During travelling, you will meet a variety of interesting people.
  • Watching a variety films will help you to impress women with your insight.
  • Don’t stick to pasta and pizza. Try a variety of cuisine that will help you to impress a woman on a date.

5.) Compliment a Woman and Make Her Smile

Giving compliment is the best way to impress a woman. But don’t overdo it, give a right compliment at the right time that can make a woman attracted to your honesty. Like you can tell her that you like her haircut, her jewelry or one of her accessories. You can also compliment her outfit or about her looks. By giving genuine compliments you can make her blush and smile and can make a way to her heart.

6.) Show an Interest in Her Life

You can impress your girl by showing your interests in her pursuits.

  • Remember things that she has told you if you have met her before. By doing this she will think how much you care about her.
  • Ask the right questions to get her perspective. But don’t do it like that you are heading an interrogation. Once you get to know her well then you can ask what she is looking for in a relationship.
  • Tease her when you know her well.

7.) Good Manners and Etiquette are Always Appreciated

A man should always follow good manners and etiquette when it comes to attracting women. Good manners and etiquette shows a person’s upbringing and reveals themselves in everyday activities. Being a gentleman will attract your lady toward you and help you to keep her because she wants those manners to pass onto her kids.

8.) Focus on Her While Talking and Listening to Her

Giving attention to women is the best way to attract them. It is also a good way to maintain eye contact and focus on her while talking to her. If you want to keep her then listen to her carefully.

9.) Keep the Conversation Interesting

An engaging or exciting conversation is always going to keep a woman hooked onto you. You might talk less which is accepted but that few words should make sense. If you talk about books, movies, valleys, hills and various other things that interest her then you can attract her easily.

10.) Be Patient Till You Take it to Next Level

If she is beautiful then you can’t take your eyes off her. Once the woman is attracted you can take her on a date.

You need to follow some tips:

  • Behave like a gentleman. Open doors for her, give her your coat is she is feeling cold, pull the chair for her and get her flowers.
  • Give her small gifts and send her messages to show that you are thinking of her.
  • Be honest and tell her you had an amazing time so that you can meet her again.
  • Once you are comfortable, find some ways to get closer to her.

Other Useful Tips:

  • A woman will appreciate if you remember her likes and dislikes and also share yours.
  • If you make promises then always keep them.
  • Attract her by being honest about yourself and your past.
  • Being humorous is the best way to make her smile.
  • Most women like flowers and chocolates as gifts so give surprise with flowers and chocolates.
  • A stylish man is well known by his shoes and hairstyle. So look good and smell good.

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