How to be a Popular Girl?


You may want to be a popular girl in your school or college or neighborhood. It is good to have a lot of friends. It may provide you with social support and you don’t feel left alone. Furthermore, it can help boost your mood, and reduce feelings of stress. In order to become popular, you must focus on being a likable person who others genuinely want to be around. It is an easier way to become popular by gaining recognition and respect in your school or college by joining a variety of clubs and activities. You can follow these tips and try to be social so that popularity will follow you in no time.

How to be a Popular Girl

Best Ways to be a Popular Girl:

1) Make Goals to be a Popular Girl

You may set goals for yourself to make yourself popular among the children around you. You can find it strange, but setting goals can help you make new friends. It is possible that you are a shy girl or you like to be in your comfort zone. In this case, setting small goals for yourself can prove very much beneficial to you as it may allow you to gradually break out of your shell. Moreover, it can help boost your popularity to another level.

2) Join Sports to be a Popular Girl

Joining your favorite sports can be a great trick to becoming popular. You may have seen that in many schools, popular girls are involved in sports or athletics. It can be very much helpful for your popularity to join a sports team. After joining a team, you may get to know the popular students who are already much known to other students. The trick is simple, you just need to excel at sports and you may become popular yourself.

3) Join a Club to be a Popular Girl

It is better to join a club to become popular as for this you will need to be seen and known around your school. If you join an extracurricular activity then you may raise your social status and can be well-known to others. Moreover, the added benefit of this socializing skill is that it may allow you to make new friends and increase your popular nature to expand your network.

4) Do Different Things with People to be a Popular Girl

Certainly, for making new friends, you need to focus on socializing outside the classroom. First of all, you should get comfortable in hanging out with some popular girls at school. After that, try inviting some or all of them out. It is good to ask an acquaintance if he or she wants to go see a movie or get coffee. Make a group together to do something great and exciting. Enjoy being in their company.

5) Use Social Media to be a Popular Girl

You can use social media to be popular, especially in high school or college. Nowadays, almost everyone has their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can’t deny the fact that these are a major aspect of socialization. You can find a lot of invitations to events, as well as conversation and bonding, happening online. Add some posts on your profile on social media which can show that you are having a fun time with your friends.

6) Treat Others Well to be a Popular Girl

In order to make more friends, you should work on your social behavior. You should have something to offer people. While doing this, try to remember the most important rule when seeking out new friends and it is to treat others as you would wish to be treated. It is good for you to understand that people are naturally drawn to those people who are respectful and kind to others. Maintain your goodwill among the people around you to expand your friend’s list.

7) Go for a little Makeover to be a Popular Girl

It may be a good option to go for a little makeover to gain popularity among your friends. However, you should have not much focus on your looks alone to be popular. Improve your confidence level as well which is the key to popularity. Whether it is a new haircut or changing up your wardrobe or applying little makeup, all of these can help you feel better about yourself. Altogether, you can look for more and more people to get included in your friend circle by making your personality attractive.

8) Take a Friendly Approach to be a Popular Girl

If you want a number of people around you and want to see your popularity soar higher then you should have a friendly approach. You may have to be a warm and friendly person. This is the best way to draw people towards you. On making more and more friends, you can gain popularity easily. You should work on cultivating a friendly attitude so that people may find you warm and charming. You should listen to listen to your gut instinct and take appropriate decision. Sometimes, a negative gut reaction can put you into a dangerous situation.

9) Be Yourself to be a Popular Girl

Your originality and authenticity can be the best thing to help you win friends. It is a misconception to think that people need to change to be popular. Generally, people are drawn to those persons who are comfortable in their own skin and can stand for themselves without compromising on their individuality. Whenever you get the chance to bring up your own interests and passions, just grab that opportunity and bring out the best out of it.

10) Avoid Feeling Pressurized to be a Popular Girl

You should enjoy this phase of life and avoid feeling pressurized to become popular in your school or college. Make sure that being popular should remain a fun process. If you are indulging in negative things or you are putting yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable just to please others then change your ways. You need to care about your image and well being first. Getting into an uncomfortable situation for making yourself popular can be a foolish thing to do. So, be sensible to be a popular girl.


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