How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out?


Getting a guy to ask you out is not as tough as it is to ask a girl out. You just need to give him few hints and you need to show him that you like him to get him to ask you out. Guys get attracted easily and they will definitely ask you out if they will see you interested in them. Out there, a lot of guys which are dying to ask you out but most of them are afraid of thinking of your reaction. Once they will know that you want it too then they will definitely like to do it. To get a guy to ask you out we have arranged an array of things to do which can help you to make him ask you out follow these given below tips make the cupid spell work on him.

How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Steps to Follow to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

1.) Flirt with Him to Get Him to Ask You Out

Flirting will tell a guy that you are interested in him. When a girl flirts with a guy it becomes very hard for him to resist a girl. Flirting is a way to tell a person that you are interested in him. When a guy likes you but is not taking any step closer to you it means that he is afraid of your reaction or maybe he thinks that you are not interested in him. When you will flirt with him he will get to know that you also want the same thing from him. Thus, flirting with a guy will get a guy to ask you out.

2.) Compliment Him to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Complimenting makes everyone feel better. When you compliment a guy then he will get to know that you are interested in his any particular ability or you like something about him. Compliment to make a guy aware that you notice about him and you find him interesting. When you will compliment a guy he will come off his fear that you do not like him and he will also take a step to come near you. You can compliment a guy about his looks or the way he behaves around others. You can even compliment a guy to make him feel good with you, as your compliments will make him feel positive around you.

3.) Find Reasons to Touch Him

Removing touch barrier will make your bonds stronger and will bring you both closer. When a guy likes a girl it is hard for him to stay away from his girl. Same ways your touch will give him subtle hints that you are interested in him and wants more than just friendship. Touch also creates a sense of closeness when you will touch him he will start touching you too and this way you both will get closer than before. You can touch his arm and shoulder slightly while having a conversation and pat his back as well.

4.) Make a Lot of Eye Contact

When you see him do not run away because you like him instead hold the gaze. When you see him pass a gentle smile which will make him feel better. Then look into his eyes for a while and hold your gaze. This will give him hints that you like to see him often and he might get feelings to ask you out. Whenever you meet him do not forget to look him in the eye. When you both have a conversation then as well look into his eyes. Having eye contact creates bonds.

5.) Let Him Know Your Relationship Status

Many guys also hesitate to ask you ask because they think that you are already taken. They might mistake it because you are beautiful, outgoing and lovely and they think for sure that you already have someone in your life. Make him known that you are single and available to get into a relationship. Your this effort might also make him feel that you are interested in him and he might ask you out. You can let him know your relationship status by telling him that it is rare to find good boyfriend these days.

6.) Find Common Interests to Get a Guy to Ask you Out

Finding common interests will make you both come together. When you both will have things common in each other then it will make you guys hang out more with each other. You can find few things which are common in both of you. Try searching his social networking sites to know more about his likes or dislikes. When you find any common ground then try to make it clear to him that you like the same thing so that he will ask you to go out with him for that purpose. For instance, when he will know that you too are crazy for tennis like him then he would probably ask you out to go with him for a match and this way you both will start going out more often.

7.) Be Cool & Classy to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Guys like a cool and classy girl instead of being a girl who keeps on crying over things be a girl who will not give a damn about stupid things. Cool girls are guys favorite because they both can sync together and it is more fun to be with a cool girl. And it is very hard to resist a classy girl. If you cannot be both then be one which is your true form. So, not try imitating others as it is not gonna help for a longer period.  Also, dress good to make a guy like you more and to get a guy to ask you out.

8.) Have a Good Sense of Humor to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Girls with good sense of humour are rare. When you have a good sense of humor then spending time with you will be fun. Thus, every guy will like to go out with you. When a guy likes to spend time with a girl or really enjoy being in a girl’s company then they will try hard to be with you all the time. You need not to keep on passing jokes every time to show your good sense of humour. Having good sense of humour means taking things light and staying chill as well.

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