How to Get Him Back?



Once you have broken up your relationship with him, now how to get him back? This may be the biggest question of the hour that is running in your mind. Whether it was your fault or his, you want him back in your life again, this is the only reality. You may have difficulties in forgetting him or you might be regretting losing him forever. But don’t get disappointed, there are various ways by which you can get him back. You just have to follow these simple tricks to make him love you even more. Read more to restart your relationship with that guy again.

How to Get him Back

Proven Ways to Get Him Back:

1) No Contact Period to Get Him Back in Your Life

It may seem to you bit awkward but you should not contact him just after the break-up. Give him and yourself some time to overcome it. It could be as long as 30 days. Meanwhile, you can prepare yourself to face him again and in a better way so that your chance to get him back improves. Do not try to call or message him for now. It may happen that while being alone he realizes his mistakes himself. If at all he was at the defaulter side. Or, he may forgive you for your sins. You surely need to leave him alone for some time.

2) Get Better to Lure Him Back to You

This trick can work for you for sure. You can make certain changes to your personality like changing your hairstyle, get in shape, renew a hobby, clean up your teeth and skin, etc. You should transform your looks totally and try to become more sexy and hot. Thus, after a short interval of time when you two meet again, he will definitely think “She Looks Prettier than before”. He may fall in love with you again. Moreover, eating ice-cream sitting over a couch in order to console yourself after break-up won’t take him back to you.

3) Do not Beg Him to Get Back to You

Begging before him to restart your relationship is definitely not a good idea. Whatever may be the reason behind the break-up, he has made his mind to leave you and hence he will not listen to your pleading anymore. He is ready to face this situation. If you beg for reuniting with him again then this will portray a weak and insecure image of yours before him. It can irritate him further and may worsen the situation.

4) Understand What Went Wrong

This is the time to analyse what may have gone wrong between you two. Figure out your mistakes and shortcomings. Take out some possible solutions. Put yourself into his shoes and try to find out the loopholes. Resolve those perturbing issues which you had in your mind. Work out on your problems and ask him if he wants to do the same or not. He may like the idea and both of you be able to reunite possibly.

5) Don’t Try to Make Him Jealous if You Want Him Back

Jealousy can bring him back to you possibly but it may be driven out of fear and panic. He may not want you to lose to someone else. It is also possible that he is not able to see you happy with some other guy. This could turn him back to you but he may go back again. He should come to you for the sake bonding you two have with each other and not because of fear. He should believe that you are meant to be with him forever.

6) Don’t Spy on Him to Get Him Back

Spying on him constantly can make a bad impression of yours in his mind. He may feel stalked and bombarded. You may lose the respect that is left in him for you. So, throw away that binoculars and cape and stop following him everywhere. He may accept you again in his life but spying on him can lessen the probability of success. Too much obsession will only leave him irritated and angry. Calm down and do positive things to get him back.

7) Forgive Him to Win Him Back in Your Life

You need to forgive him if you want a relationship with him again. Forget about what happened in the past. He should do the same. There is no meaning in digging out the dead corpses. Move forward and restart with a clean slate. You can reset it by focusing on the best things of your relationship. Mistakes can be mended and you should learn from it. Forgive yourself for all the mess that has been created. Love him enough and sort out all the issues between you two. He may respond positively.

8) Initiate Contact to Get Him Back

After a month or two you may initiate to contact him. By this time, both of you will give enough attention to each other and will listen carefully what other person is trying to say. Go slowly in the starting. Even if you want him as soon as possible in your life, don’t show your desperation ever. It will help building a strong foundation for your all new relationship with him.

9) Know When to Give Up

Don’t push him to get back with you. If he is saying no every time, then don’t ask for more. Leave him on his own. He will understand the situation slowly and may come back to you. You just have fun with your friends and family who love you unconditionally. Poking him on texts and on social media should be stopped too.

10) Don’t Bother When Your Ex Starts Dating 

You should not behave furiously if your ex starts dating with a girl. It may be hurting you a lot but keep your emotions under control. This heart wrenching situation can provoke you to act inappropriately. If you freak out on your ex or on his new girlfriend then you may lose the chance to get him back. He may be in a rebound relationship. It will end sooner or later. It is just a way for him to get over the break-up blues.

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