How to Get Your Ex Back?



Winning your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is not really the difficult part. The difficult part is keeping them. Breakups are very painful and stressful but that doesn’t matter if your ex left you for some unknown reason. The frustration, loneliness and pain can overcome anyone especially if they devoted lots of love and care into their relationship. You don’t need to worry about it because there is always a hope to get your ex back. It is very common that people experience regret after a breakup and want to get back their ex. After the breakup, they start missing each other and they miss every lovely moment which they spent together. So they want to come back into a relationship. Read this article thoroughly to get some guidance that will help you to win your love back.

How to get your ex back

Ways to Get Your Ex Back:

1.) Understand the Breakup’s Reason

Understand what went wrong in your relationship to fix your broken relationship. Relax and think about it.

  • Analyze and consider your relationship and figure out why the downfall began. Communication gap is the main cause of the breakup. Remember, you both have to make compromises and changes if you want him or her back.
  • If your ex was not happy or against to break up, then getting back is easier.

2.) Don’t Put Pressure

If you want your ex back then you have to take care of some things. You should not call your ex thousand times, send messages, stalk him or her on facebook or real life. If you do this, your ex will think that you are needy and you push them away. No one wants to be with such type of desperate person, especially not your recent ex.

3.) Take Time

Taking a break for some days is the most crucial step for a breakup. Don’t call your ex. Don’t text your ex and don’t meet. If you have not healed from your breakup then you are not able to do any work. Taking time will help you to think or realize about that you really want your ex back or not. Busy yourself with hobbies and things that you want to do. If your ex tries to connect with you then be formal. Tell your ex that you are really busy and you will get back to him or her when you can.

4.) Be the Person Your Ex Fell in Love With

Think back about your relationship and consider the bad and good habits. Think about when you both first got together. What about you did he or she like or love? It may be your jokes or your amazing sense of style. Whatever it is, try to be the same way that you were before.

  • Your ex liked you because they felt good with you and you fulfilled their emotional needs. Change your bad habits and mistakes. Keep yourself positive around them. Always stay positive and make yourself attractive to others.

5.) Improve Your Appearance to Get Your Ex Back

By improving your appearance you can increase the chance of getting your ex back. Get some new clothes, improve your hairstyle, go to the gym or cut your nails. Be the best that you can be for your ex. Your ex was definitely attracted to you and you can regain the attraction. But keep in mind don’t change yourself who you are in order to get your ex back because they can leave you again.

6.) Casually Hang Out With Your Ex

Every relationship should be built on the base of friendship. So make sure that your friendship should be complete before moving to romance territory. If you see that your ex is falling into the friend zone then you can recreate the experience of falling in love with your ex. Do something like have a drink with your friends including your ex with others. Don’t talk serious or about your relationship.

7.) Invite Your Ex to Talk to You

After spending time with your ex as a friend, it is time to have an honest conversation about your relationship. Talking and texting over the computer or phone is a common way to communicate to build a relationship. Invite your ex for dinner or lunch or you can go to your favorite coffee shop.

8.) Take Advantage of Your Past

If your ex liked certain outfits, footwears or any other thing then wear them again. Share a beautiful and light-hearted memory which you had together. Try to meet at places where you used to hang out together. If your ex has gifted you something like any special jewelry then wear it when you meet to talk. This is the clear sign that you still have feelings for your ex.

9.) Prepare Your Words

Saying the right things to your ex is really very important. If you say wrong words, then you will lose the chance to get your ex back. There are several ways that will help you to start your conversation in a right way. Say something like, “I wanted to talk to you about our relationship”. Let your conversation progress. If your ex is not taking an interest in your talks then don’t waste your time to convince your ex to get them back. But if your ex shows some feelings for you, then you can give another try to your relationship.

10.) Apologize

Think deeply about the causes of your breakup. Apologize is one of the clear and best ways to get your love or ex back.

  • Don’t blame your ex, don’t give excuses and don’t expect an apology in return.
  • Don’t apologize for someone else, apologize only for yourself. Don’t use “but”  or “I am sorry”, that means I am not sorry. Don’t say like “I am sorry if you feel that way”. It means you are blaming the other person which is not a good apology.
  • Say sorry for whatever you have done.
  • Take the responsibility without blaming someone else or making excuses.
  • To correct the things, change your behavior in the future.

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