How to Hook Up with a Girl?



Every guy feels nervous when they think of hooking up with a girl. It might not be an easy task for you to conquer. Not all boys are very lucky when it comes to dating. Many guys get scared when it comes to dating and hooking up. When they get nervous they miss the chance to be with a wonderful girl who they deserve to be with. But because of their nervousness they tend to step backward and never get the girl they desire. This game might seem very difficult but it is not impossible. You have got to keep few thing in mind that would make any girl fall for you and avoid few mistakes done by guys to hook up with a girl.

Every girl like to be with a guy who can take responsibility. For responsible guys getting a girl is not a big deal. You just need to be confident and shed your shyness to get a girl. There is no chance if you don’t ask a girl yourself out so you must have the guts to do so. Throw your doubts away and start working on few things to hook up with a girl. Follow these tips to get the girl you desire.

How to Hook Up with a Girl

Tips to Hook Up with a Girl:

1.) Work on Yourself

You have to get confidence in you. Tell yourself that yes you can do it and you will be able to. Stop thinking negative about yourself. Change your overall attitude towards you, if you don’t find yourself enough attractive, why would girls do so? Work on yourself stop getting nervous and scared, inculcate confidence in you. Build up your confidence do whatever it take to gain confidence. Analyze yourself, no one can do it better than you. Get to know where do you lack and start working on it. know where do you lack try to improve that part and if you don’t know ask any of your very good friend to enlighten you, surely they would love to help you out.

2.) Learn a Bit About Girls

Read or try to learn what girl wants or how they behave when they are interested in you. Learning these signs will tell you that how much she is into you and that would help you to take your next move. Well it is said that it’s very hard to know girls but you just have to learn few signs that how girls behave when she like you? Learn and memories these tips and know what to do to when you take your next move? It will also help you to know what her actions are telling you.

3.) Do a Bit Flirting

Flirting would help you to get along with girls. Guys who know to flirt well always get the girls. Girls also like to be with boys who are good flirt. Know how to impress girls and how to flirt? Use these tips on them. Flirt around pass compliments to girls they will love it and would open up your chances to hook up with them. Charm girls make them feel good around you. Flirting makes surrounding light and make girls attracted towards you. Work on how to flirt around girls and get your skills brushed this would increase your chances to get hooked up with a girl.

4.) Impress the Girl You Want to Hook Up with

You have got to impress the girl whom you want to hook up with. Get to know how to impress girls? Act cool around girls and show off your skills a bit to attract a girl. Don’t over do the showing off part it will make you look like a jerk. Have positive and impressive conversation with her. If a girl will get impressed by you she will come to you by herself you will not have to work hard to hook up with a girl. There are many ways to impress a girl. After you get to know bit about the girl it will be easy for you to impress her and once you impress her you have already got the ticket.

5.) Have Attitude to Hook Up with a Girl

Don’t go after girl even if you want her desperately, make her come after you. If you go after a girl it will make you look creep and you might scare away the girl. Have an attitude that girls would die to come after you. Like if you want to hook up with a girl don’t make it obvious to her what is in your mind. Keep it secretive and play mind games with her to attract her. Keep yourself calm and composed. Making the girl want you will increase your chances of hooking up to a great extent. Also don’t forget to keep your attitude to a level only.

6.) Know What is In Her Mind

Know what is in girl’s mind. Is she just friendly with you or she is really interested in hooking up with you? Get to know what does she really want. Read her body language and signs. Is she standing too close to you? Is she liking your touch? What is in her mind will always be in her eyes. Try to read her eyes like is she looking at you and giving you naughty looks? If this is what really in her mind then go for it make the move but don’t get confused with her signs. Wrong move may embarrass you and even break your normal relation.

7.) Do the Initiative

Now you know what is in her mind so take the first move, ask her out take her to your place if she is comfortable. Start it slowly look how she reacts and is she comfortable being with you? Hold her hand you may ask her for a dance. Put your hand on her waist and don’t forget to notice her reactions if she is not comfortable she may deny or go back. If she doesn’t stops you that is a yes. Then when you feel the time is right you can kiss her. If everything goes well you can take it further according to her wish.

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