How to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You?


You may want to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. This question comes to our mind quite a few times. If you are in a relationship, whether it is new or several years old, it can happen that your boyfriend may come out as a cheater. You can’t say who is genuine and who is not. But, by checking out on some signs you may predict that your boyfriend may cheat on you. You may even catch them red-handed. There are several things which can be suspicious about your boyfriend which you may be missing out.

How to Know if your Boyfriend is cheating on you

Hidden Ways to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You:

1) Observe His Body Language to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

You may observe his body language to catch the culprit that is hidden behind his face. Those people who feel guilty somewhere inside them do not make eye contact with you. If your boyfriend is doing the same then he may be into something wrong. He may start looking towards the ground or any other thing while talking to you. He will avoid touching you when both of you are standing in a public place.

2) Notice His Unpredictable Mood Swings to Know if He is Cheating on You

You may be facing the unpredictable mood swings of your boyfriend. At one moment, he is angry and at the other he is nice to you. He may be picking up fights with you to keep you away from him. He may create reasons to avoid you as much as he can. He may come up with illogical excuses to get away and you will think “What’s up with this man?”

3) Observe Changes in His Appearance to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

He might be losing weight to look good or he could be shaving on a regular basis which he used to hate earlier. These signs can signify the foul play that is going on under your nose. He may wear new clothes or update his wardrobe to look presentable. Guys who are attracting new mate do the same thing. Chances are that your boyfriend may be dating with some other girl.

4) Straying Away from Everyday Routine can Tell You that He is Cheating on You

All of a sudden, he has started doing weird things. He is taking up his phone to the restroom and not coming out for 20-30 minutes. On asking about it, you get the vague answer like he was reading emails and news. You are with him for some time and you may know his daily routine. If he is distracting heavily from it then there is some problem with him for sure.

5) Talk to Him about Some Instance to Know if He is Cheating on You

When a guy is cheating on you then he will hardly remember the detail of anything. He may tell you about those instances which he may have shared with the new mate. His total focus will be on the time spent with that other girl. He may seem lost to you with poor memory and less concerned for you.

6) Check His Financial History to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

If your boyfriend is hiding his financial history from you then he may be cheating on you. A guy needs enough money to buy gifts, pay hotel bills, pay for trips, etc. You may have not seen him doing this before. Suddenly, his expenses have risen exponentially. You should definitely investigate about it to find out the truth. There are many ways to hide your monetary transactions. He may be using one of them.

7) Notice His Blank Stare to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

You can observe that he used to be always ready with his answer but now he goes blank when you ask something. It happens to those guys who have guilt inside their heart. They may avoid talking to you. He has that fear in mind that he may get caught if he would say something suspicious to you by mistake. You only get that blank stare on his face before listening to the answer of your question. He will fear of getting trapped in his own lies.

8) Notice the Frequency of Overtime at Work

You may notice that your boyfriend is working late in his office most of the days in a week. He may be frequently going out on official trips. His late evening meetings have also increased from past few months. All of these signs signify the suspicious game of your boyfriend. Check on his salary slip. If by any chance he works more in his office then his salary slip will tell you the truth.

9) Notice that Long Hair on His Shirt to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

You may find a long hair clinging to your boyfriend’s shirt often. This can be the sign of cheating. If that hair thing continues for months then you should be sure of a foul play. You should question him about it. He may try to shout on you and pick up a fight just to change the topic. Do not allow them to get off with it without getting the proper justification from him. It becomes quite easy for you to catch him red-handed only if that other girl has a severe hair loss problem.

10) Notice His Cravings for Privacy to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Suddenly, your boyfriend is asking for more privacy. He is complaining of not getting enough space in his life. It can be another red flag of a cheating boyfriend. He may be talking over phone privately and may ask for needing some time alone in his room. You should question him about it. You have the right to know what is going on his life. Trust is an important factor in any relationship and it should not break off.

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