How to Look Cute in Front of Your Ex, Crush or Boyfriend?


Everyone wants to look good and when it comes to impress ex, crush or boyfriend the desire to look good increases a lot more. With your cute looks, you can make any of them go weak and can also melt their heart. When it comes to make your ex jealous or you want to impress your crush or either to make your boyfriend again fall in love with you again. To make these happen you have to look cute and drop dead gorgeous that no guy can afford to ignore. When you look cute you can make guys fall for you and for this you have to follow these tips on how look cute in front of your ex, crush or Boyfriend?

How to Look Cute in Front of Your Ex, Crush or Boyfriend

Follow These Tips to Look Cute in Front of Your Ex, Crush or Boyfriend

1.) Work on Your Body

Get a toned body first of all  if you want to look good in front of your ex, crush or boyfriend. A fit body Is liked by everyone, try to be fit and healthy. I am not saying you to go skinny but to have curves at the right places. Getting toned body is not that easy you have to work for it. Go hit the tracks or do crunches. Eat a healthy diet and keep a chart of your calorie intake. You can also join a gym to get faster results. No pain no gain, this way you can make anyone fall for you.

2.) Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Consult someone who you think have better dressing sense than you. Ask them for help about what dresses will make you look cute? The dresses which you have is it good enough? Get the good dresses not the boring ones. Get comfortable in your cute dresses. You not need to expose to look cute just dress well and never dress in what makes you uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean you can wear anything because if you do that is not gonna help in any way making you look cute. Choose gentle colours to wear as they will help you to give cuter look than the bright expressive colours.

3.) Do Light Makeup to Look Cute in Front of Your Ex, Crush or Boyfriend

When you want to look cute never think of having bold makeup. Have gentle subtle makeup which will hide your dark spots and blemishes. Also, use gentle blushes and the light shade of lip gloss and lipstick. Subtle hues will enhance your innocent looks but heavy or bright makeup will make you look sexy and bold which is not your motive so it is better to avoid strong strokes but use gentle makeup.

4.) Softer Tone to Look Cute

When you want to look cute voice also presents a very strong impression. Soft voice make appear one’s personality to be gentle, innocent and cute. Avoid speaking in a loud voice while talking to guys or do not shout in front of them also never abuse anyone when they are around. Abusing or shouting loudly may change your personality in their eyes and your all efforts to look cute will go in vain.

5.) Smile a Lot to Look Cute in Front of Guys

A smile is the best curve on any girl. If a girl smiles a lot they appear more friendly and approachable to the guys. Smiling also makes you look cuter. Smile as much as you can it will help you to build a positive and sweet personality in front of boys and also to look cute in front of your ex, crush or boyfriend.

6.) Simple Hairdo to Look Cute in Front of Your Ex, Crush or Boyfriend

Messy hair will give you another sexy look which is not your goal. Do the plain braids or simple hairstyle if you want to possess a cute personality in front of boys. Also, keep your hair clean and shiny. Use a good shampoo and hair conditioner to nourish your hair. Your hair should smell nice and should look healthy well it directly has nothing to do with the cute look but nobody likes a fizzy and dirty hair. Also look for cute hair tutorials and teach what hairdo can be done to give you cute appeal. Anything delicate makes you look cuter. Soft hairstyles that flow with your waves or even straight down your shoulder make you look naturally sweet and cute.

7.) Show Body Gestures to Look Cute in Front of Your Ex, Crush or Boyfriend

When you want to look cute for someone your body language can speak on behalf of you or can help you to look cute. Few gestures can make you look cute in the eye of your ex, crush or boyfriend. Use gestures or show body languages like these to get a cute appeal.

  • Stroke your hair; gently stroke your hair or keep it behind your ears while talking to him. This gesture will make you look cute. You can also move fingers along with your curls or let your fingers caress it, especially when you’re thinking or deciding on something while he is noticing you or talking to you.
  • Gaze; Do not look sharply in his eye for long. Look in between while having a conversation. Change your gaze from his eyes to his lips. You can also loot at his feet few times it will show that you are shy
  • Blush; do not be a tomboyish or the punching back girl. If he teases you for anything blush instead of hitting him or punching him. Blush often and if you want to deny anything do it gently and softly. Also blush whenever you get any compliment.
  • Posture; Do not lean or hold a posture that would make you look bold. Stand with feet together and also avoid moving your hands in front of his face while talking to him. Keep your hand at one place either keep it folded or your fingers crossed on your belly. Avoid giving exaggerated body gestures or angry looks.
  • Act Shy; if you are naturally shy then it is easier for you to look cute. Shy looks are cute instead of bold ones. Shy acts make you look cuter.

By following these tips you can look cute in front of you ex, crush or boyfriend and can make them think that you are the cutest girl in their life or was the cutest one.

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