How to Make a Girl Like You?


You met an amazing girl and all you can do is to think about her day night long. You like her like anything and want to make her like you back. To make a girl like you is a slow process your impatience can screw it all. Good things take time and this will also take time. If you really want to make a girl like you then you will not give up easily. Also, keep in mind that like every person is different same way every girl is different and you need to find out first how to impress her.

One thing which you should be aware of is the scary friend zone. A friend zone is a dead zone once you get into it becomes very hard to recover. Therefore, if you like a girl and want to know how to make a girl like you then, first of all, stay out of that friend zone. Do not be confused we have brought genuine tips to make a girl like you and maybe eventually fall in love with you.

How to Make a Girl Like You

Things To Do To Make a Girl Like You

1.) Make Fun of Yourself

This is a good way of making a girl laugh. If you can make a girl laugh then it is a piece of cake for you to make a girl to like you. When you keep people happy in your company then they feel positive and good around you. And who doesn’t like to stay happy? Making fun of yourself does not mean to humiliate yourself in front of others. It is a just light fun part when you say something to make her laugh even if requires to make up a story of your stupidity. Or you can tell your embarrassing story to her to make her laugh.

2.) Have a Firm Voice

A firm voice is likable by females. Firm voice represents maturity and confidence. Every girl wants to have someone mature in her life whom she can trust on everything. Firm and strong voice also convey outgoing confidence. It is seen that male with determined and strong voice have more female followers than the one with a softer voice.

3.) Tease to Make a Girl Like You

Be a playful guy, it is fun to be with a playful person. If you are a playful guy then no one will be bored in your company and they will like to spend more time with you. Teasing part might not be easy if you are an introvert person and you might also want to hold back being afraid of her reaction. But it is better to be interesting than boring. She will like it as she will never get bored in your company.

4.) Give Her Your Attention

Give her your hundred percent attention if you want to make a girl like you. When you are with her stop doing anything else, stop focussing on other things and give her top priority. Keep your eye on her and don’t let anything happening in your surrounding divert your attention. When you want to make a girl like you, you should show her that no matter what happens she is the most valuable thing with you right now.

5.) Take Care of Small Things

Small things matter the most for girls. Girls are too good to observe small efforts done by you. For example, when you are with her do small gestures like holding her shopping bag or rememvering her dog’s birthday. Observe small details about her as it will help in impressing her. In any relationship, small care and details matter much more than the big things you do for her.

6.) Show Your Talent to Make a Girl Like You

Every girl loves a talented guy, use your talents to make a girl like you. If you are good in any sports or can speak any foreign language put it up on the table. Do not tell directly to her as that would be boasting and she might mis judge you as a proud person. Bring up these details in between your talks like you can call her in another language and she will ask you what does that means. This way show her that you are talented and watch her falling for you.

7.) Do not Flirt with Every Girl

This could ruin everything. If she will find you that you are same with everyone then she will not take you seriously. When you want to make a girl to like you then you’ll have to be loyal to her. Make her feel that she is different for you not like every girl else. If you will flirt with every girl then you will not be treating her different from others and that is not gonna help you in making a girl like you.

8.) Give Genuine Compliments

When you want to show a girl you like her then the best way to do this is to compliment her. Compliment her often and but give only genuine compliments. Fake compliments will not help you as she might know that you are saying just to impress her. Do not give compliment her only about looks as it is very common. Try complimenting about her smartness or her nature. Tell her that she is a rare combination of beauty with brain and she will definitely fall for it.

9.) Make Her Feel Special

It is very important to make a girl feel special to make her like you. Open doors for her or pull her chair do whatever a gentleman should do for her lady. Every girl wants to feel important and to be valued. Giving her your jacket in cold might sound over exaggerated but it will make her feel great.

10.) Tell Her at Right Time

Be a man and make her aware of your feelings. Take your time in getting comfortable with her then tell her about your feeling. Tell her how you feel for her and how much important she is for you. You can ask her out and take her to a romantic place to confess your feelings. If she gets shocked or panicked about this then tell her to think about it and there is not hurry. Confessing your feelings might make her fall for you too.

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