How to Tell if a Girl Likes You?


How to tell if a girl likes you? This might be the question in your mind. In this article, we will share with you some obvious signs that a girl likes you. However, reading a girl’s mind is quite a task for a guy. But by paying close attention to how they act when you are around her, can give you some strong hints about their intentions towards you. There are numerous signs that a girl reflects in her actions and behavior which can make you understand her feelings for you. Though it seems impossible to you to anticipate a girl’s action but you need to do this to check your status in her mind. Read this article to get to know some important signs which signify a girl’s interest in you.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Sure Signs to Tell if a Girl Likes You:

1) She Likes to Ask for Your Help

If a girl is asking you for help every now and then, you might be getting a good sign from her. It is in nature of some girls to act dumb before guys they like. They play the victim and want you to rescue them like a hero. Even the simplest question which anyone can answer easily can become the biggest doubt for them. They may come to you for getting the answer. It surely signifies that she likes you and want to spend time with you as much as possible.

2) She Leans towards You and Touches You

If a girl likes you then she may grab every opportunity to laugh with you on some topic and may lean a bit towards you. While doing this, she may even touch you on your forearm or on the thighs. This is a big sign to suggest you that she is in you. She is trying to take this friendship to another level. She can even tease you by patting you on your head just to show her playful side.

3) She Stands with Her Body Directed towards You

It is a positive sign which shows up the definite possibility of her liking for you. If her body is directed towards you and her feet are pointed in your direction then she is paying immense attention to what you are saying to her. This is an indication that she wants to listen to you. Certainly, she is attracted to you.

4) Brush Hands Against Yours

She may brush her hands onto your hands while walking with you. This could be an indication that she wants you to hold her hand. This small grazing has been deliberately done to provoke you. If this happens every time you two walk together then consider it as a positive sign. She is probably interested in you.

5) She Touches or Bites Her Lips

If she is biting her lips and touches it intermittently while having a conversation with you then she could be interested in you. Using this gesture she wants to convey a message that she wants to be kissed by you. In this way, you could be sure of one thing that she is into you. By taking up this provocative way to show her liking for you can be anticipated as a green signal for a relationship.

6) There is Something in Her Eye

It could be another funny trick to take you closer to her. She can tell you that something has fallen into her eye. Then you may proceed to help her and in that case, you will be standing only a few inches away from her. She may be doing this intentionally to get your company from such close. This could be a sign that she wants you in her life and she has started liking you.

7) She Rests Her Head on Your Shoulder

She may rest her head on your shoulder often while watching the movie with you or just for a short nap. Moreover, it prompts you to take over your arm around her. You can take this as a good sign and it shows her interest in you. She may be thinking of you as a possible partner. She may be expecting care and love from you. She can only do this if she trusts you.

8) She Asks about Women Around You

If she is inquiring about the other women in life, be it your mother, sister, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wives, etc., then chances are that she likes you. She wants to know more about your life. She may be checking out the relationship status of yours so that she can confirm her place in your life. It really is a good sign for starting a relationship with her.

9) She Stares at You Often

This could be a possible sign that she is interested in you. She keeps on staring at you whenever she gets the chance. When you catch her doing this, she pretends to look somewhere else. If this is the case then something is going on in her mind for sure. It signifies that she is attracted towards you and may see you as a possible partner. If a girl likes you then she will not miss even a single glance of yours.

10) She Starts Doing Things for You

If a girl likes you then she will help you in all of your activities, cook meals for you, buy things for you and supports you in every possible way. In this way, she shows her care and concern for you. She may want to spend time with you and want you to be around her most of the time. It could be a sign that she wants you in her life.

11) Her Friends Giggle when They See You

If a girl likes you then this could be the case with you. You may take it as a positive sign. She may have told her friends about you. Thus, when she is with her friends, you may find them giggling while looking at you. They may be teasing her because of her crush on you. If you approach them and all of a sudden the conversation stops, it is possible that she may be talking about you.

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