Sign a Guy Likes You



In this article, we will tell you about the sign a guy likes you. It generally creates quite a confusion in your mind anticipating whether a guy likes you or not. You keep on guessing with his behavior, text messages, mannerism and thinks “he likes me, he likes me not”. If you like that guy then things become more complicated as you tend to see him from a wishful perspective. You want him to like you and that can be self-deceptive sometimes. Your emotions towards him could confuse you more. Well, we are sharing with you some obvious signs which can be of great help to you in knowing if he likes you.

Sign a Guy Likes You

Some Obvious Sign a Guy Likes You:

1) He Asks You to Go Out

If a guy really likes you then he will definitely want to spend more time with you. In that scenario, he may ask you to go out with him. It could be a most obvious sign a guy likes you. Actually, this is the most confident, straightforward and easiest way to make you realize that he is interested in you. Although, it doesn’t happen in most of the cases as some guys are a bit shy and they prefer to give you other signs of their liking.

2) Self-Praising

Self-praising is one of the signs to tell that a guy likes you. While conversing with you, if a guy starts bragging (or humble-bragging) about himself every time then this could be a positive sign. He really likes you and wants you to know about his achievements so that he could prove his worth to you. However, you should check for other signs too before coming to any conclusion as it alone can’t give you much surety about his liking.

3) Eye Contact

Eye contact can tell you much more about what is going on in his head. It is a tendency among guys that they keep on checking you when you are busy in your work. They keep on looking at you secretly. Thus, if you have caught him many times looking somewhere else when you just turned to him, this is a good sign! You can check it by looking at him for 4-5 seconds continuously. If he is making an eye contact then he is probably interested in you. If he has turned away then he is not into you. But, some guys break the eye contact due to shyness. So, don’t see it as their reluctance towards you. Wait for some time he will look back to you.

4) He Listens to You and Remember the Details

It is a usual process among people that when they are interested in someone they keep on enquiring about all the details. They remember these details too. It happens because they genuinely want to know about your life and yourself as a person. If that guy is showing interest even in the insignificant stories of your life then you could be becoming his love interest. He probably likes you.

5) He Finds Excuses to Talk to You

A guy who is interested in you will surely find excuses to talk to you somehow. He will come out with different creative ways to spend time with you. If he really likes you then he will not allow passing even a single day without listening to your voice. Sometimes, they keep on talking with you on irrelevant topics as well. He probably likes talking to you and wants to start a relationship. He tends to initiate the conversation every time both of you meet each other.

6) He Gets Jealous

If a guy gets jealous when you roam around with some other guy or just talk to another guy joyfully then you may think that he is interested in you. Guys become competitive when it comes to their partners. So, they never want to lose their prospective companion to someone else. It could be a strong sign a guy likes you. He definitely wants a relationship with you.

7) He Compliments About Your Personality

The guy who likes you really will give you compliments not just for your appearance but for your character and personality too. Moreover, by complimenting your personality he gets the chance to gather more information related to your personal life and your likes and dislikes. It is a great way to come closer to you. Hence, this could be a good sign a guy likes you.

8) Enquiry about Your Relationship Status

It could be another good sign to tell you that he likes you. The guy will inquire about your relationship status for sure if he wants to be the part of your life. In this way, he is just weighing up his chances to form a relationship with you. This simply signifies his interest towards you and he is serious in his approach.

9) He Buys Things for You

He could show his interest towards you by buying things for you. It could be a way to express his interest in starting a relationship with you. It is a well-planned move and can work often in favour of him. Though it doesn’t look so strategic but it shows his desire for getting into a serious relationship. For some guys, it is the most effortless route to get counted in someone’s good books.

10) He Takes Good Care of You

If a guy is showing some kind of responsibility towards you and he is taking good care of you then it can be a great sign that he likes you. Actually, he wants to give his all the attention to you and he feels obligated to take care of your well-being. He remains always ready to help you in any possible way he could.

11) He Asks about Your Family

If a guy is asking about your family then this could be a sign a guy likes you. He is really curious to know about your family members and he wants to extend his relationship to another level. He may want to get acquainted with your family members. This clearly shows that he wants a relationship with you and that too a longer one. It signifies that he is deeply passionate for you.

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