Things to Say to a Girl?


What we say is very important to form a relationship. The things you will say will reflect in your relationship thus, it is very important to choose your words wise. Talking to girls are sometimes a big deal for a guy only because they think they would mess it up as they do not know what to speak. To know what to say to a girl will always keep you upper handed in having a conversation. You should also know what kind of relationship you want to establish with that girl so that you will talk according to it. Your words work like a magic and sweet words will make a go crazy for you. Choose from the array of things to say to a girl from this article.

Things to Say to a Girl

Things to Say to a Girl

A.) Random Things to say to a Girl

1.) “You were Probably Created on a Sunday.”

Say these lines to compliment a girl. As every girl likes to be complimented one way or other. This indirect way of complimenting a girl would make her smile and leave her rather flabbergasted. There is nothing bad in these lines so it is even safe to say the person you just met. This sentence has only positive effects thus use it without any hesitation.

2.) “My Heart Skips a Beat Everytime You Smile.”

Who does not likes be complimented about their smile? Everyone just loves it. Try to compliment a girl in a sweet line and she will definitely love it. If you want to impress a girl or want to make any girl feel good this line si enough. She will smile and blush a lot after hearing it. This is a great way to make her feel special and loved. You can even pass this comment to a random stranger to make her smile throughout the day and to have a good start of your talking.

3.) “I love it How we Met in the Ocean of People.”

There are billions of people in the world and still we meet and like few this is not less than a miracle. Say this line to make any girl feel special. If you feel someone is special in your life then you should also let her know how you feel about it. These lines will make a girl aware of your feelings about her. Say this to a girl who is really special to you and make her feel good.

4.) “The Way You Care Make Me Feel I Have Finally Met an Angel.”

Everyone likes to be appreciated and what is wrong in appreciating someone for their good efforts. There are very few nice people who care about others more than they care about themselves. If you know a person like that or if you want to praise someone for being caring then use this line. She will feel grateful and also it will make her feel that you appreciate her work so much. She will feel great after hearing it and it will make her day.

5.) “They Say Eyes Reflects People’s Heart, Look Into My Eyes it Reflect Your Heart.”

This line is just perfect when you want to make anyone feel loved then use it. This will definitely make that girl go crazy for you. This is not even that tacky therefore she will love it more. Say this to your girlfriend or any special person in your life. You just need to add up a romantic tone while saying it to make a girl feel your love, you can also this line in texting a girl if you want to impress her.

B.) Romantic Things to Say to a Girl

6.) “I Need You Like Humans Needs Oxygen.”

When you have someone very important in your life without her you cannot imagine a single day then use this line. This line is sweet and romantic and will make your girl feel loved. Girls like listening sweet lines and it makes her feel loved and important. She will feel that she is an important part of your life after hearing this and never forget to make your girl feel important.

7.) “There Aren’t Enough Words in Alphabets to Express My Love For You.”

This will make your girl go crazy. Just try saying it once and she will start loving you more. Girls always keep nagging on how much you love them this is your perfect answer of that question. She will love your this answer since it explains all she wants to know.

8.) “You Complete Me”

This might be a very common line but it is one of the most romantic lines said ever. Every girl die to hear these lines from their guy. This line is indeed very beautiful and powerful. It will make her heart flutter and she will love it for sure. Say this line only when you mean it as words which are said from heart reaches to heart.

9.) If There is Such Thing Like Another Life, I will Still want to Be with You.”

Isn’t this line amazing? Yes, it is when in today’s world people do no not want to live for a lifetime then saying this will make her feel the intensity of your love to her. Go on and say it and you will see her going crazy in love for you. This line will make her feel very special.

C.) Cute Things to Say to a Girl

10.) “I Bring You Flowers Because It Represents Your Beauty.”

And who will not buy that!! This line is perfect to go any girl blush for a longer time. Every girl like to be complimented in a different way ad this is one of it. Buy her a flower and say it while giving it to her. She will definitely fall for you after listening this line.

11.) “I Miss You the Moment You Leave.”

This cute line will make your girl love you more. You can express how much you miss her by this cute line. Girls love it when her guy express his feelings in a sweet or cute way.

12.) “Your Tears is the Last Thing I want to See Ever.”

This is indeed one of a very cute things to say to a girl and enough to turn her bad day into a best one. Seriously this line will make her feel great, try saying it when she is feeling sad or you had a fight.


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