Police stopped Naked Women Walking on Street

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Sharjah: Police were called after a naked women was spotted strolling on Al Wahda Road in Sharjah. A 22-second feature spread by means of social networking indicated the Nigerian lady, 24, evacuating her garments in light hours….

Lieutenant Colonel Yousuf Bin Hramoul, Director of Buhairah police headquarters, said the episode was accounted for to police by a traveler. Occupants and shopowners were stunned at the scene and one bystander faced the lady and kept her from intersection the road. A group of female cops soon arrived. The lady apparently told police she didn’t know why she was naked and declined to clarify her activities. The lady was alluded to Public Prosecution on a charge of conferring a foul demonstration. Lieutenant Colonel Bin Hramoul impugned the conduct. He said it is the first occasion when it has happened in Sharjah. Sharjah criminal court sentenced the lady to six months in prison succeeding by extradition. The offer court decreased the correctional facility term to one month. The episode occurred on January 16. The lady has since served her prison term and has been expelled….

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