How to Dance with a Girl in a Club?

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Going to the club or bar and dancing with a girl may seem awesome for some. If you know how to dance then you are at a huge advantage with girls in parties, nightclubs, and bars. Dancing is the way to have fun with a girl and also it helps you to turn a girl on in a simply fast way. A dance is a way for a girl to connect with your body and play with the possibilities it holds. Dance is just like flirting that allows her to show interest in you. The more flirtatious your dance becomes the more girls will love you. It is not important to be a professional dancer to impress a girl. If you know a little bit then it is enough for you. There are many guys who don’t know how to dance in a club or bar. So we are here for you to help you to dance with a girl in a club.

How to Dance with a Girl in a Club

Best Ways to Dance with a Girl in a Club:

(A.) Approach a Girl to Dance

1.)  Start Conversation with a Girl in a Club

Conversing with a girl at the club or edge of the dance floor is the first step to dance with a girl. Look into her eyes, say simply “hello”, and introduce yourself. That may seem scary, but it is easier and more effective than trying to pick-up bad lines. If she gives you smile or seems interested in talking then try to get to know her a bit and invite her onto the dance floor.

  • Confidence is the best way to meet girls. Sit next to her and start talking with her.
  • If you are having trouble while making conversation then go out onto the dance floor and start dancing with friends. This shows the kind of confidence that will make it easier to find a girl to dance.
  • Sometimes you will get rejected but don’t take it personally. There can be any reason, a girl may have a boyfriend or want to be with her friends. So move on and find some other girl.

2.) Make Eye Contact and Smile

Making eye contact with a smile is the great way to dance with a girl in a club. The universal sign of attraction is making eye-contact and a smile. Whether you meet at the bar or on the dance floor making a good eye contact and a natural smile is the key to building a connection. Smiling is the most effective form of flirting, so always look happy.

If she responds then you can:

  • Go ahead towards the dance floor.
  • Ask her “Would you please dance with me?”
  • Offer your hand to her and playfully pull her towards the dance floor.
  • Move in closer while you both dance.

3.) Pay Attention to Her, Not Other Girls

When you start dancing with a girl then you should have fun with her, not off look for other girls. The reasons are several, but the most important one is that it looks rude. If you are not enjoying with the girl you are dancing with then stop dancing with her and find someone else to dance. It is better to focus on her, not on other girls. After the dance, get something to eat or drink for her.

  • If you start dancing with a girl and she doesn’t move on the beat or move at all that means she is not interested in you. So, you should move on.

4.) Don’t Spend Your Whole Night Searching for Girls

It is not bad to spend an evening in a club but don’t spoil your whole night searching for girls. If you seem that you are hunting for a girl to dance with then you are going to come off as desperate. Be cool and confident. You are in a club to have a good time but remember you don’t need a girl to enjoy yourself. You can talk to your friends at the bar and go for a dance.

(B) Learn Club Dance Moves to Dance with a Girl in a Club

1.) Keep Your Moves Simple 

Keeping your moves simple is the best way to dance with a girl in a club. Don’t try to impress any girl with difficult moves which you can’t pull off. Simply feel the music and get moving. Try to do all moves gracefully, not do as fast as you can. If you want to practice dance then make sure that you have music on. A mirror can also help you because you see exactly what you look like and then you can improve.

  • Dancing is not about showing off, it is all about feel. As long as you stay on the beat, you will feel good.
  • Don’t feel like you need to change the dance moved in every 30 seconds. Repetition while dancing is good.

2.) Learn the Two-Step to Get Through any Music at any Club

This simple dance steps can be used for at any song and anywhere. Start with both feet and your shoulder-width apart. Count the beats on the drum like 1,2,3,4 etc. and start dancing. Do basic spins, spin your girl with one hand 2 and 3 times. When you dance at the club, lift her up in the air. It will give powerful emotions to your girl. Let her finish the dance.

3.) Mix up Your Moves

When you get comfortable, mix up your moves. As the music change, change your moves too. Get a bit down. If you dance with a girl in a club then place your arms around different parts of her body.  Do it with a smile and have fun. So open up a little bit with her, make her laugh and keep dancing.

4.) Don’t Dance as a Competition You Need to Win

Not any girl wants the best dancer in the club and takes them home. Guys, you don’t need to be the greatest dancer like Michael Jackson. In reality, the best partners are confident, fun, and able to stay on a beat. The lights should be low, have drinks, and the music should be bumping. So stop worrying about getting everything perfect and have a good time with your partner and enjoy the dancing.

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