How to Show a Girl You Like Her?

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Showing a girl that you like her is not a tough task, in fact, it is one of the easiest task ever. To show a girl you like her you need not to do much. Small gestures and actions are great ways to make a girl feel loved. Boys don’t know how to show a girl that they like her and hesitate when she comes in front of them. If you want to build up a relationship with a girl you need to make her show that you like her. There are several ways which can be done to show a girl that you like her. You just need to make her feel special to show her that you like her. If you are in a dilemma on how to show a girl that you like her then follow these steps to make her feel like that you like her.

How to Show a Girl You Like Her

Follows These Tips to Show a Girl You Like Her

1.) Become Her Friend

The First step to show a girl that you like her would be a genuine effort to become her friend. Try to be her friend nothing else at the first. Once you become her friend it will be easier for you to show her that you like her. Becoming her friend will give you an opportunity to spend time with her and show her your good sides. You can try becoming her friend by various means. Try to show her that you like being with her and do genuine efforts to become her friends.

2.) Support Her to Show a Girl You Like Her

To show a girl that you like her, support her in every up and down. There come many situations in life when a person becomes miserable and does not know whom to share their feeling with. Whenever she feels alone be with her. If you will be with her at her bad times and even if you do not stay with her in good times then also she will get to know that you care about her and she means a lot to you. This will show her that you like her that is why you can not see her sad and you always supports her no matter what. She will start trusting you this way and she might like you back as well.

3.) Spend Time with Her to Show Her You Like Her

Time is the best gift which you can gift to anyone. If you want to show a girl that you like her spend time with her. Make plans to hang out with her. Meet her daily if possible or whenever you can. Show her that you like spending your time with her this will make her feel that she is special to you. Whenever you both be together concentrate on her, not on anyone else. Giving time doesn’t mean just to be with her physically but to give her attention as well.

4.) Smile and Start a Conversation When You See Her

A smile is a very powerful thing it can create bond between strangers and can strengthen the bonds in the relationships. Whenever you see her give her a genuine ear to ear smile. Do not fake your smile but make her feel that you are to see her. This will make her feel welcomed and she might also start thinking that you like her. Also, go and start a conversation if you get a chance. This way soon you will become friends and she will start looking you as a friendly and nice person. If you do these regularly she might also see that you like her a lot.

5.) Help Her to show a Girl You Like Her

This is also a great tip to show a girl that you like her. Help her whenever you think she needs it. If she denies for the first time she might be hesitating, again offer to help her politely. She will definitely let you help her and you both will become friends as well. If you do not get any chance to help her you can notice the time like, she is like alone or carrying heavy books or if she needs a drive to her home. You can offer to help her those times.

6.) Compliment to Show a Girl You Like Her

Complimenting is the best way to tell a girl that you like her. Do not fake any compliment just to impress her. Give her genuine compliment to make her feel that you like her. When your compliments will be genuine she will definitely love it. Every girl loves to be complimented, compliment her often this will show her that you like her more than a friend. You can compliment her about her dress or her behaviour or anything. Give her a compliment about her smartness she will definitely fall for it.

7.) Make Plans to Stay with Her

Whether it may be going disco together or for a long road trip. You can ask her out anytime and every time you make a plan. If you are in the same school join her club or groups to stay with her. Your constant efforts will show her that you like her a lot. If you both are working do not wait for the weekends to meet her, make a sudden plan which she can’t deny. Spending time with her will help you to know her more and she will also get to know you more as an individual. With your actions, she will also get to know that you like her.

8.) Give Attention to Show a Girl You Like Her

Attention is what everybody wants and everybody likes getting attention a lot. To make her feel special give her the attention. It will definitely make her feel that you like her a lot. When you are in a group stand close to her and listen to her carefully. Compliment her and make her feel that she is the world for you. Anyone else doesn’t matter to you that much as much as she matters to you. This will make her realise that you like her a lot and maybe after knowing you she will also start liking you back.

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