My brother’s wife

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I moved in with my brother and his wife a year ago. I’d lost my house when it flooded here and they said I could stay here as long as it took to get back on my feet. My brother is two years older than me and his wife is the same age as me and really hot. My brother works for some major company and while she knows he dose the best he can, working long hours leaves his wife alone a lot.

It all started one Saturday me and Lisa (my brothers wife) were at the house and he was at work. She confided in me that she wished my brother would give her more attention, that they hadn’t had sex in a long time and she was going to go crazy if she didn’t get some soon. Jumping at the chance I made my move, that she went along with willingly and I had sex with Lisa in their bed most of that evening. We stopped only when I noticed my brother was likely on the way home. Later that evening she sent me a text that she really needed that and that she wouldn’t tell my brother anything but she wanted more. I’m in my own apartment now but when he at work and I’m off she still comes over and we do it again.

The only time I almost got us in trouble my brother ask what I was laughing at when she kissed him when he got home from work one day. I acted like it was something in the paper but really was laughing at the idea that while she was kissing him, 10 minutes before he came in the door, she sucked my dick until I cum in her mouth.

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